Sunday, December 27, 2009

Claire’s Christmas….

Today I thought I’d share a little bit of my friend Claire’s Christmas.  Look at what she got from her son Andrew, who is just12 years old.  Every year he makes her a birdhouse…


This year’s birdhouse has a quilter’s theme.  Isn’t it cute…way too cute to put outside.  Last year he made the black birdhouse covered with Christmas lights and snow…how sweet…Claire, I think you have a collection starting here!  I can’t wait to see next years birdhouse…(Andrew, we are expecting GREAT things! ;o) ) I would treasure these birdhouses FOREVER!


Andrew also made the driftwood Santa in this picture and they also made the Santa and elves.


Andrew must get his bird house building talent from his dad because look at what Max made for Claire.  Last year they had tons of birds that were making a mess on the railing around their sundeck. Notice the little wooden birds on the peak of the house…Max found the pattern from a quilt book…got to love that!

Claire’s sister gave her these gorgeous star plates for Christmas. Max, Claire’s husband, made crab and mango in wonton wrappers for an appetizer. Delicious! The tablecloth is one of Claire’s first quilting endeavors. Patchwork actually, no quilting! The silver was her mom's.image



Claire’s house looked very festive, don’t you think?  She lives on acreage and has cedar, fir and pine growing in her backyards.


This little wool felt penny rug was one of Claire’s first felt projects…adorable!


And I love this wall hanging…Looks like a Celtic knot/wreath with trees inside…very pretty.

Looking good, Claire! I’m so happy you had a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

Have a super Sunday and hopefully a happy quilting day!



Heckety said...

Love the bird houses! Perhaps her birthday present should be shelves to put them on to display!
I think its lovely having homemade things for the holiday decoration- like the cloth, wall hanging, elves and birdhouses.

Darlene said...

Beautiful birdhouses - talented young man.

Thank you for sharing Claire and her family with us.

Miss Jean said...

Merry Christmas. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. My husband and I live in California and we have visited Victoria twice. It's our favorite place on earth!!!! We'd move there in a minute if we could. It's a magical place to us, friendly people, beautiful scenery, wonderful things to do. What quilt stores do you have? I've only been to the Satin Moon.

WoolenSails said...

Claire has some wonderful decorations and her son is so talented and something she will treasure forever.


Jackie said...

What wonderful birdhouses and a great present to make for her every year! How unique and thoughtful. Beautiful decorations too!

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Andrew is amazing, only 12 years old, what wonderful pieces of art. Love the bird houses, adore the Santas, thanks for sharing her works with us too. Happy New Year to Claire.