Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Day two of driving- done!….and almost three blocks of Fit to Frame by Lori Smith finished!!  The snow storm that hit, melted during the night (whew) and it was clear sailing all the way to Canyonville, Oregon.This morning we were planning on driving over Grant’s Pass and of course you know what they are forecasting….S*^#…that dreaded ‘S’ word and LOTS of it! (and no it’s not the swear word….although I may use a few of those before the day is out!) So we are changing plans and going to drive across towards the ocean to Crescent Beach and then down the coastline….hmmm I wonder if I can find a quilt shop or two there…I mean when the plans change you got to change with them, right?

Now enough about the trip…Let me show you what I have been working on….


This is the block that I worked on yesterday… it’s from the pattern called “Fit to Frame- Number Thirteen” by Lori Smith.  The blocks are 5 inches (I will cut them down to size later.)


They are VERY labour intensive…perfect for travelling.  I see two big semi-trucks on either side of us….I look down and keep stitching until they go away!  I am NOT a good co-pilot-  I’m sure sewing has saved my marriage.


I am LOVING this computer lap mat that I bought at Staples just before we left.  It is perfect for stitching on, keeps everything organized and flat.  Plus the foam top grips everything and prevents it from slipping as we sail around corners, slam on brakes and hit pot hole after pot hole!  It is made for a computer but I will use it to do all hand-work on from now on!!  It is light (made of plastic and Styrofoam with pads underneath that mould to your legs.  Plus the REALLY nice thing about this, is the pillow that cushions underneath your wrists so they don’t get tired and strained. I know that there are quite a few of you out there with tendon strain from too much hand stitching….this may be your answer.  (Plus the little wrist cushion doubles as a pin cushion!)  Quilt Shops should sell these- they would make a killing!   It sure worth a try and it only costs about $24.  (my sister-in-law bought hers at Wal-Mart for $18).  It’s a good thing!


I am also enjoying the little origami boxes that were part of the give away that I won from Poppyprints!  You put all your bits and pieces and threads into it to keep the truck nice and clean…now if only the doughnut wrappers and chip bags would fit in…. P1040649  And when I’m finished it folds closed and flat….very cool!  Thanks again, Krista!P1040651 P1040652

So these are the three finished blocks…well almost finished…I lost some berries off the bottom block which I will cut out tonight.

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting! AND of course have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I’ll be thinking of you ringing in the New Year!


  1. These are quite pretty, Paulette! I enjoyed reading your featured post yesterday, too.
    Happy 2010 to you and your loved ones!

  2. Your blocks are wonderful. Love the idea of doing that type of design with wool. I tried one with fabric and made a mess of it.


  3. Absolutely love your Fit to Frame blocks Paulette!! And I'm going to look for one of those computer mats for our upcoming road trip. Happy New Year!!
    P.S. Your photos are wonderful too! The colors just zing!

  4. Your blocks are beautiful! I love all of your hand work! :)

  5. Your fit to frame blocks are beautiful. You have trained yourself to quilt while the vehicle is moving and that is a feat by itself. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the "S" goes in the other direction while you are driving. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours, Safe Driving.

  6. Sounds like you are the perfect co-pilot. You've accomplished much while riding along, making detours and all that's come up on this trip. I have to marvel at your ability to do such fine stitching while jostling about. The detour sounds nice. :-) Safe travels and a very happy new year ahead.

    Thanks for the tips in this post. Great ideas. The origami box is perfect and a nice reminder of a friend.

  7. Beauty blocks! I love the different background wools (I hardly ever find good wool garments in the thrift shops in N.Van anymore). Those are going to make a fabulous quilt. The laptop table sounds perfect for stitching on the road! Glad to see your orts box is coming in handy. Safe travels on the coast.

  8. gorgeous blocks! and the computer lap desk is perfect - what a great idea. I hope your change of direction leads to clear roads and lots of quilt shops!

  9. I love your pretty! Happy New Year!

  10. Your blocks are beautiful! Happy New Year to you too! :0)

  11. 'clear sailing to Canyonville'? Is it Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in which you are travelling????
    The blocks are lovely! I've always envied folk who can work in a moving vehicle- I get travel sick at the first bend! And we lived in a Winnebago for four months when I was small, which didn't cure me either!

  12. These are so pretty,'ll just about have a quilt done on your driving trip. I don't know if I can sew while DH is driving...most times I'm driving the car with him....!
    Julia ♥

  13. Love the blocks Paulette...looks like you are very organized...Happy New Year...

  14. Happy New Year! Are you in California now? I'm surprised we haven't had an earthquake to announce your arrival! LOL! Love your blocks so far!

  15. Lovely looking blocks.

    Are you nearly there yet?