Friday, December 18, 2009

Fa la la la la lalala laaahhhhh…..

Yesterday I drove to Victoria and had a walk/talk/coffee with my sister, Arlene.  There is nothing like sharing a coffee with your ‘big’ sister. She’s got such a great sense of humour that an hour with her is like taking a happy pill! I was afraid they were going to kick us out of Starbucks! We exchanged little heartfelt gifts….P1040284

…like this yummy homemade candy called “Clod Hoppers”….it’s already half gone!  Delicious!  I’ve asked for the recipe so if she shares it, I will pass it on to you!  I have no idea what’s in the package but I have no doubts that it will be something good!

Then I did an hour of power shopping!  Yikes!  Who said the economy was bad?  The mall was wild and lots of good sales on right now!  Maybe that’s why it was so busy!

Then I met my quilting friend, Claire for lunch and some quilting talk.  She showed me her latest new books which  she had bought on line.   “When the Cold Wind Blows” by Barb Allen and Alma Allan of Blackbird Designs looks incredible!  I can’t wait to buy my own copy!  The blocks on the cover are for one of the featured quilts and it is absolutely GORGEOUS! There are also patterns for other beautiful quilts, pillows and wall hangings ~all are beautifully photographed. Next time you’re in a book shop and you see this one on display, thumb through it~ I guarantee you won’t put it down!


Claire and I also exchanged gifts…I was thrilled with mine!  She knows how much I LOVE Cathi’s Pennies so she ordered me the patterns for these lovely little mats….so cute! Claire is so thoughtful! The pennies are called Snow Faces and Stockings of Joy…The pictures on Cathi’s blog do not do them justice!  Just gorgeous….now everyone knows what will be under the tree NEXT year!


Claire also gave me a CD on Quilting Designs and this sweet little hand carved bird.  It is incredibly smooth and just perfect!  I am so lucky!

 P1040282  Don’t you just LOVE Christmas…!  I think I’m starting to get into the Christmas spirit….but first I have to wrap  presents…ugh!  Maybe a little Christmas music will help….. Fala la la la la lahhhhhh….(they should have little musical notes on the computer…clearly computer keyboards were NOT designed by a woman otherwise they would have a whole bunch of picture symbols like the smiley face, a flower, a bird, musical notes, a patchwork square, a needle and thread :o)….do you hear what I’m saying Bill Gates?….probably worth a billion dollars to patent that!!  And I just gave the idea away for FREE!  Oh well it is Christmas! ) Falala la la la la la lahhhhh (little musical notes sprinkled here…)

Have a festive Friday and Happy Quilting!

*I KNEW ARLENE WOULD COME THROUGH!! * I just got this email from her~for the recipe to Clod Hoppers…

Clod Hoppers

This is very very easy to make believe it or not!!

4 cups golden graham cereal

1 cup dry cranberries

1 cup pecan pieces

2 ½ melting wafer white chocolate

Melt white chocolate 5 min in micro or melt slowly on stove (stirring the whole time). Mix and pour onto the cookie sheet and cool.

I always melt mine on the stove~ I notice you have to mix it up quickly after the choc has melted .  ENJOY!

Told you she was a sweetheart!


  1. I love the spirit of christmas, but after going to the craft store today, I think I will stay home, lol.


  2. can have music on the computer while you work on it..
    A great choice here from years gone by...i play it all the time while i work onhere..
    here's a link to a juke box for's free, try it out!

    great post!
    Julia ♥

  3. I knew we lived in different countries, but now I think maybe we're in different worlds! What on earth are Golden Graham cereal (anything like cornflakes?) and melting wafer white chocolate?

  4. Lovely bird. Interesting recipe.

  5. Sounds like a great day. I love that wooden bird!

  6. I have just spent 3 days with my daughter, and that was just too precious, I miss my sisters, it is so refreshing to be able to hear of a couple having such a good time.