Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A REAL Deal~ Ornaments for a Penny!!

Remember the little snowman ornaments that I was making…well I was planning on gifting them to two of my quilting friends…but I found out that they had the pattern and had made them before…soooo….I made myself a gift….I turned them into a penny rug.  Isn’t it cute? P1040016I just stitched all 12 together forming an oval.  I then slipped a piece of Freeze Paper underneath the ring of snowmen and drew the little V’s where the two snowmen pennies meet. Then took the snowmen off the Freezer Paper and drew the oval shape joining the V’s.  I ironed the freezer paper onto the white wool and cut out two ovals.  Then I blanket stitch them together.  The white wool almost looks like snow!  I sewed the snowmen on the back and on the front using a little whip stitch (using ordinary off white thread).    P1040018

DONE!P1040019 P1040020 P1040021   P1040024

Here’s what the back looks like.  This is basically how I have made most of my penny rugs in the past.


Remember you can get your FREE pattern for the snowmen at American Patchwork Quilting. They also have tons of other free patterns that you  can download, along with patterns for sale.  It’s a good thing!

Speaking of good things…..IT’S TOOL TIME TUESDAY and boy, does Karen ever have a good one for us this week!!  If you have children and you get snow, then you have GOT to make up this gift for them.  Did you get that:  KIDS + SNOW= THIS GIFT!!  Karen showed us how to assemble a snowman making kit….and I am a sucker for snowmen!  Check it out!!  Adorable…..think I’ll be asking Santa for some grandkids this year….

I’m off to Cloth Castle Club today…I’m sure I will have lots of show and tell for you tomorrow!  I love Club Day and not just for the Sew and Tell or to see the demo and displays.  I love spending the whole day with my three quilting buddies!  After Club we might go Thrifting or to another fabric shop. Then off we are go to a restaurant for lunch where there is lots of quilt talk, laughter and friendship and don’t forget the eating!  Wish you could come too….

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Great change of plans with the snowmen!

  2. You have done a Fabulous job of the Snowman Penny Rug, I LOVE it! Adorable!!
    Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I really enjoy your blog.
    Have a great day with your friends!

  3. They made a wonderful mat, you did a beautiful job on them and redoing them into something even more beautiful.


  4. Perfect use of the snowmen. At first I thought you made a tree skirt. That would be fun too but I guess you would need to make alot more snowmen.

  5. That's sooo cute! Good job at thinking outside of the box to create something different. :)

  6. How cute! I started making those ornaments a few years ago and never finished them (like you said, a lot of work for a little ornament). Maybe now I'll finish them. Great idea.

  7. That's turned out lovely! Don't you find that its quite often the projects which don't go according to plan or which have to change mid-proj which you end up being most chuffed about?
    Or is that just the maverick in me?!
    Hope you had a great day today- I certainly enjoy your days out!

  8. Oh, I saw this today and I immediately thought of you:-


    I hope you can access it from this?

  9. Clever use of them! Clever indeed!

  10. Oops...now I'm off to visit Tool Time Tuesday....

  11. Paulette - I loved the snowman pendant Heckety showed you - I ended up ordering four from the seller for the girls and I - my very first Etsy order! I loved them!

  12. I absolutely love what you did with the snowmen ornaments Paulette. You are so clever!