Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Attack of the Bead Bug….

I spent yesterday organizing my quilting projects…and then this morning I go and read Cathy’s (Cabbage Quilts)  posting….she has been busy doing beadwork!  Why’d she have to go and do that!  NOW I want to do some!

For the last two years I have lugged my beads to Palm Springs. Towards the end of January we are joined by our friends from home, Gary and Sandy.  Sandy is into beadwork in a BIG way.   Now I had the BEAD BUG about 3 years ago but slowly quilting has taken over…in fact since returning from our last winter holiday I haven’t opened my bead bins once!! 

Sandy and I took a workshop in Palm Desert last year and I’m sure we will be taking another class this year….SO SHOULD I TAKE MY BEADS?  Will my bead bin fit in, what with all my quilting stuff? 

It looks innocent enough, doesn’t it?  Yeah, well just peak inside…..


The top shelf holds my wire, clasps and tools…oh, oh, the tools are gone…

P1040149 P1040150

YIKES!  IF I take this bin…I am going to have to do some Winter cleaning!


This is where my tools went…I think I spent too much time in Michaels and Joanne’s last year….



I do have a thing for turquoise….but alas…this stuff is fake…I think..got it at the Tucson Gem/Bead show.

P1040153 P1040154 P1040155


I think you get the idea….So my question is…Should I take it or leave it…?  Decisions…decisions… 

So while other people are worried about getting the Swine Flu I’m worried about the dreaded Bead Bug….! There just isn’t enough time in the day to quilt and bead…or is there?  Hmmmm…

BUT first I have to find my tools!!  Could they possible be in my other two bead bins (yes, I have more)……sssshhhh….don’t tell my husband!  A bead stash is a lot like a quilting stash…it just mysteriously growwwwws…..

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Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting/Beading!


  1. Hmmm-imagine dropping that lot! There are some lovely colours and textures there. Your photos make me want to scrabble my hands through the beads and play with the colours, and sort them into lines, and and and ....

  2. I love your beads! They are so pretty! I would love to someday get into bead work! I'm a little jealous! :)

  3. Wow, Paulette, that's a serious bead collection, and I thought I had a lot of beads!
    I love the turquoise beads..
    Go on take them..you might find time to do some beading!
    Julia ♥

  4. Wonderful collection of beads - take them with you and enjoy them.

  5. I have an idea, Take them! You maybe able to trade them for fabric, get the other ladies into beads and start them onto something new.
    You could end up with the container with fat quarters in it instead. They are all in one place already,
    on another note, I have nominated you for an award, do check out my blog.

  6. I saw the gorgeous jewelry on cathy's blog today. Well if you never make jewelry again I think those beads would look beautiful in a pretty jar or vase!

  7. Wow for beads! That looks like my scrapbook supply collection - but it is so handy when you finally get to it! Have fun deciding what you are going to do with all those beadds!

  8. Oh my, that is one heck of a bead stash! Take them, and enjoy playing with them.

  9. I like your bead box. I think Ray has a box somewhere like that. He doesn't use it much, if I empty it and can get the smell out I think it might work :) I say take your beads. If you don't you will wish you had.

  10. Wow....what a great collection of
    beads!!! I have a box like that...
    it's full of fishing lures...HA!!

  11. Paulette,
    I love your bead stash- and I have some of those same kinds of beads in my collection.
    I love working with glass beads and with rocks- turquoise is one of my favorite. I really enjoy wearing and working with the the flatter beads - Buying beads is like buying fabric for the stash- only it takes a lot less space.LOL
    I can tell you that I went to my folks one time not that long ago, and was sorry that I hadn't brought my beads. It is so portable and you can make something up pretty quickly. You will just end up buying more beads if you don't take them because you will get a yearning to do some stringing.
    Do you make bracelets, earrings, necklaces - which is your favorite things to make?
    I make a couple of bracelets last night for a friend at work..
    Be well,