Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All’s Right With the World…

Charming Chatter’s shop (Cotton Charm Quilt Shop) is having a Christmas Memories Give-Away….in order to enter you have to tell about a favourite Christmas memory! I have a lot of really good stories tucked away for another time…but the one I want to tell you about happened when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  First you need to know that I have a twin brother, Paul….(get it Paul and Paulette……I know, I know…ouch!) And you also need to know that Paul has always been a real character… and still is!


(Here we are at 7 years old…notice the matching jackets and look at the poor, pathetic Santa…it’s a miracle we grew up to be ‘fairly’ normal…. )

So the Story goes like this….

One evening, a few days before Christmas my parents were in the living room watching TV and Paul signals for me to come into our parent’s bedroom.  He had found my mother’s stash of Christmas presents still in their bags…but they were up on the top shelf of my mother’s closet. He wanted to get a better look and needed me to hold the chair so that he could climb up to the top shelf. So there I am holding the chair while he is standing on the back of it with his feet dangling out of the top of the closet…I’m sure you can guess what happened next!  Yup, the chair went flying and so did Paul… along with all of the unwrapped gifts!

My parents heard the crash and came running into the room to discover Paul laying on the floor clutching an unwrapped football!!   My Mom was so mad she told him she was returning the football to the store.  Paul was devastated as he REALLY wanted a football for Christmas! 

What did Paul find under the tree Christmas morning?… way in the back… under all the beautifully wrapped gifts….in the shape of a football…wrapped in brown butcher paper…yup, he got his football!…Touch down!  Good memory!

So Charming Chatter, if I should win your give away…I would LOVE to see this under my tree….Glace Fat Quarter Bundle by 3 Sisters for Moda…it would be WAY better than any football wrapped in brown butcher paper!



Kansas Winter Fat Quarter Bundle by Kansas Troubles by Moda…I have a new Christmas quilt with your name on it just waiting to be stitched…


And as Bob Hope use to sing….thanks for the memories….Charming Chatter! Now it’s your turn….

On the home front~P1040371 Well the goodies are baked, the turkey is thawing, the house is clean, the dogs are shampooed and smelling mighty fine, the gifts are wrapped and under the tree, the house is all decorated and hubby is playing with his new iPod Touch, AND… all’s right with the world….Oh and I’m off to Hand Quilting! :o) We are true blue quilters…we quilt ALL year round regardless of the date…well maybe we would close down shop if today was the 25th but it’s not!  So see ya!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. The things we did as kids;) I did not you had a twin brother, that is such a cute picture of the both of you.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.


  2. Wonderful story Paulette! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

  3. OMGosh -- I'm still giggling! That is too funny! Thank you so much for sharing -- and sharing the picture too -- I love it! Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas, Paulette!