Monday, December 21, 2009

How many more sleeps…?

As I was putting new linen on the spare beds this morning it dawned on me that I haven’t shared some of my BEST garage sale finds EVER

This cast iron bed…dated 1892 was 35 dollars!!  This elderly man was moving to a “Home” and needed to get rid of it as his children didn’t want it….it had been his Great-great grandmother’s when she was a child!…Sad when you think of it!  Imagine not wanting something that has been in your family for well over a hundred years!


The bed is so heavy you have to move it in sections….and there are no screws… it all fits together like a puzzle. 

We just moved this bed upstairs as we bought a Queen for downstairs…now that one of our daughter is married we had to rethink beds…if you know what I mean…I do want a grand-baby someday SOON!  No pressure or anything!   ( I remember my ex-mother-in-law did this to us when we were first married…kept asking when we were having kids….we out waited her eight years!  When she finally stopped asking was when we announce the impending visit from the stork….hmmmm maybe there is a lesson to be learned here….)

BUT…back to the GS finds….

Then I ‘stumbled’ onto this Queen size bed spread…it is hand croqueted in PERFECT-like-new condition…Again an elderly lady said her Aunt had made it while her husband was fighting in WW 2….He died so she put the bedspread in a trunk… never to use it.  Her niece inherited it and again didn’t have the heart to use it. 


Now it may sound like I am taking advantage of old people but it’s not like I am forcing them to sell their things…I just pay them what they ask and do a happy dance down their driveway. Have you ever seen the Ikea commercial where the woman gets her bags, looks at her receipt (smiles) and runs from the store screaming “START THE CAR!  START THE CAR!” –well that’s me…oh I can relate to the Ikea woman!  ;o)

I got this bedspread for $20!!  I almost felt bad…but the way I look at it I AM GOING TO USE IT AND I AM GOING TO ENJOY IT!!  P1040321

Don’t you love the hexagon shapes and the Dresden flowers in the middle…




See how you can see yellow in the little holes….well what you are seeing is this quilt underneath…another Garage Sale find. P1040328-1

This quilt is composed of handmade hexagons all hand sewn together…I found this in a huge black garbage bag of cotton scraps- which I bought for $4!  Imagine my surprise to find this quilt at the bottom of the pile!  I didn’t even know it was there until I got home and dumped the contents!  (the cotton fabric was a SCORE in itself!) The quilter who made this quilt had made it like a duvet cover so I washed it up and put a feather comforter inside…now it is so soft and poofy…very cozy and looks very homey!  Got to love it…SCORE! SCORE! and SCORE! (as we say in the Garage Sale world!)

  Top off the whole sheebang with a simple patchwork and we are good to roll…. P1040329    Sleep tight….Santa will be here soon….!

Give Away Spotted!!  Look at what Mrs. Moen is giving away!  It’s the kit to make this lovely little Snow Village Runner….I LOVE this little village!imageIn fact last Thursday I stumbled onto some black and white snow fabric – similar to this and thought of Mrs. Moen’s little village as I scooped it up and bought it!  So I am not going to enter this give away as I already have the snow fabric- It’s the snow fabric that really MAKES this runner sing!  I am hoping one of my loyal readers wins the kit so that we can both make Snow Village Runners together!  Thanks, Mrs. Moen….I think there are a lot of Village lovers out there!

Have a Merry Monday and Happy Quilting!  


  1. What a wonderful spread, she does beautiful work.
    The way I look at it is, she wasn't using it, so she got some money and someone who will appreciate and love her work.


  2. Very cute! Those are some great finds!

  3. I am so glad you decided to put on clean linens today, and thought BLOG!! love that! I too do the same thing now, I say to myself, Oh, i should blog about that!
    This is a doozie! Love that bed, the spread and the quilt, and they look perfect together. The bed is divine, As for the cost, the fact that it was cheap and you Still bought it, means it has gone to the right place, (If it was going to cost a lot it may have gone to someone who thought well, this is worth something and not got it for the history and appreciated it.
    Wishing you lots of Christmassy goodness, Health and happiness, etc, May all your dreams come true.

  4. Ok, you've convince me! I have got to start going to garage sales. I used to go all the time but quit years ago. It's time to start back! blessings, marlene

  5. Wow they say "one man's trash is another man's treasure" glad you were able to save them and give them a good home...they look lovely on your bed .
    I need to go to garage sales!
    Julia ♥

  6. It's nice to see these things go to a good home where they are appreciated. You certainly do have all the luck! :-)

  7. What wonderful finds! We have a bed very similar to yours, hubby has suggested getting rid of it...."don't you dare" I told him!

  8. I just love the bed, esp. since you said it's heavy which means sturdy to me -- I hate the flimsy ones you see in stores today. The crochet spread and quilt are lovely too.

  9. Wow, great finds indeed. Can I come shopping with you one day?

  10. I'm beginning to think you'll have to run coach tours with all the people who want to come shopping with you. Since I suggested it, do I get to come along free?

  11. I wish we had garage sales here! All your finds are unbelievable, the quilt top and the crocheted bedspread are so much work, too. I'm glad they all found a new owner who knows to appreciate their beauty and value.

  12. How blessed you have been to rescue such wonderful things!! That bed is gorgeous, Paulette!!