Friday, December 4, 2009

What an Inspiration!

Dawn’s sweat shop was humming this past month and boy, is she bagged!   At last months Club Dawn spotted a pattern for Carpet Bags.  So she bought the pattern and then proceeded to WHIPPED up THREE bags!  And they are gorgeous!  Have a look…


The blue one is for her future daughter-in-law (her son popped “the question” last week…so it’s official!).  Nina is going to love this bag!  Dawn made it out of upholstery fabric and just look at the hardware…and the button…LOVE IT!!

P1040070  The inside is just as nice as the outside!P1040072 The brown, blue and black bag is for her daughter and…… 


the brown one is for Dawn!  Good for you Dawn!  All have gorgeous buttons and hardware and are made from lovely upholstery fabric.   These bags will be perfect for travel….


As if three bags weren’t enough, Dawn also whipped up this beautiful quilt top.  It is SO cute… Dawn is a ‘cat lady’ so how appropriate is this…a quilt covered in cats and I love the colours.  Dawn is giving this to her daughter as she is a ‘cat girl’ too….after all the apple doesn’t fall far….


Well done, Dawn!P1040066

Alice did a gorgeous job on this little wall hanging.  It is called North Pole (by Plum Creek Collectibles) and it is hand stitched in wool felt…just lovely!


Make sure you click on each picture to see Alice’s little stitches…


Every time I see this runner I want to make it!  Would you believe that I have all the bits and pieces cut out ready for stitching….maybe I’ll have it done for next Christmas….



I love this picture…with all those little faces I expect Natasha to peek out and say boo! 

So Dawn and Alice, thank you both for sharing all your talent!  What an inspiration you are!

I can’t believe I got three posts from one Cloth Castle Club night!  How sweet is that!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!


  1. I'm so glad that you are keeping me informed. I loved every one of the projects displayed at your Creative Christmas at Cloth Castle. Also, Imagine That Window. Happy Quilting.

  2. The girls sure made a lot of wonderful items.
    It is fun to gather together to see what is new and what everyone is up to.


  3. You always have the best time with loads of friends!!

  4. I love the bags...sure could fit lots of quilty stuff in them..
    great show and tell Paulette.
    Julia ♥

  5. WOW!! do i Love those bags! and i am not even a bag person! but they are really good.
    I am a cat person, so particular to that quilt.
    Yummy stuff.
    But the best of all is the wool hangings, TOO CUTE! I went to my local fabric store Spotlight and was absolutely delighted that they stocked 100% wool felt, something they have not done for years, so i am leaving hints to my boys for Christmas,
    You have a lovely Christmas too.

  6. The bags are great, but the wallhanging is wonderful.

    I am working on my snowman candle-mat from Cath's Pennies, and it's all your fault! I've never done anything like that before.

  7. Some gorgeous this here, and another Dawn - also loves cats - there are two Dawn's out there withi something in common.