Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas has happened…

…at our house, thanks to a trip to the Thrift shop!  On Thursday I had to kill time while the dogs were at the Groomers so what better way then to putz around a thrift shop!  This particular thrift shop has usually been a good one for me but on Thursday it was awesome.  They had sectioned off a lot of the store  to house their Christmas Santa Shop…with all kinds of goodies. Let me be clear, I have huge Rubbermaid tubs full of Christmas decorations at home just waiting to be unpacked…. and I don’t NEED anything but….

As soon as I saw this tea pot I HAD to have it.  It reminded me of a Christmas sweater that I wore when I was young!  I LOVED that sweater….I kept wearing it long after it didn’t fit…you know when the sleeve are  up to your elbows…

P1040201-1 and for only $4.99 for all three pieces, it was a bargain…

And what’s this?  A snowman teapot….oh, oh, I seem to have started a new collection!…and why was this teapot so cheap….$2!  It was too adorable to leave on a shelf!


They seem so happy together…See he is thanking me by blowing me a kiss….I love you too!


I love this little Santa bag….I’m going to fill the bag with holly…how cute is he…for 49 cents!

P1040204 P1040205

A snowman cheese board and the cutest snowman both were 99 cents.


I had to buy this gingerbread garland….look wooden spools and buttons…Who could resist?….Apparently not me!….Sold!!  (99 cents!)P1040209

Another Santa plant holder…he won’t look as sad once I have some fir boughs and berries stuck in his hat.  (99 cents)


I LOVE this tin sign….oh and boy has it come to the right home!  ($1.49)  I’m still looking for the perfect spot to hang it…somewhere close to all my snowmen….once they get unpacked that is!


And this sweet little gingerbread man….complete with a Gingerbread Recipe on his tummy (99 cents!).  It says “Grandma’s Recipe” on his tummy….just a slight technicality…..

So now that I have unloaded all my “new'” stuff I better start unpacking the rest of the old Christmas decorations.

This year I have to down scale decorating…our puppy is into EVERYTHING and we want to keep her safe…which means all decorations have to be at least 4 feet off the floor!….Besides the decorations are coming down on Dec. 26 as we get ready for our trip South…. :o) 

So with visions of palm trees dancing in our heads we start the process of Christmas……

GIVE-AWAY SPOTTED~ No, make that a FANTASTIC GIVE AWAY SPOTTED on  Green Fairy Quilts!    Check this out- how would you like this under your tree?  I know I sure would!  Hurry over and leave a comment….image

Have a Sunny / Snowy (you fill in the blank) Sunday and happy Quilting!


  1. Wow - I love thrift stores - and would like to visit that one! You made out really well! - love the teapots!

  2. Wow wonderful finds at the thrift store - I'm never that lucky. Enjoy!

  3. Oh what good finds - that is when shopping is FUN!

  4. It looks like somebody cleared out some of the decor they may not use anymore because it all goes so well together! Good find and even better the prices were good! SCORE one for you! Woo Hoo!!

  5. WOW!!! I wish I had access to a thrift store like that! (and knew when the right time to visit was!) I love all your finds, but that Snowman Collector sign just has to be the best!
    Thanks for the info on the giveaway - on my way over now!

  6. You are lucky to have found such nice snowman and Christmas things, at such a good price. The snowman teapot is my favourite, it makes me smile!

  7. Yup! You have my permission to add all those items to your trolley! Some haul! I think the snowman cheeseboard is my favourite..or maybe the gingerbreadman garland...mind you the matching teapot and mugs are very seasonal and would look great in my kitchen too...

  8. Hi Paulette! Thanks for stopping in to visit me and leaving a comment. I love to read what others think on my blog, don't you?

    Are you sure this was a thrift shop? These things look brand new and what bargains too. Enjoy all your new things for your holiday.

    Hugs ~

  9. Graet finds Paulette...I'm never so lucky
    Julia ♥

  10. I love all your Christmas decorations. I have a Santa like your "plant holder" and have always used it for popcorn. I love the way you've put your greens in it. It looks so nice on your table. Thanks for this wonderful idea as I'm going to do that too. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

  11. Love all your thrift store finds, All in one place? wow, their Christmas display must be almost empty! They all look delightful, especially the tea pots, Just to lovely.
    Well done.

  12. Wow, you have found such great treasures... love it... nothing wrong with adding a few more.. wish I could find such great finds at our thrift store...I'll have to keep my eyes open for some... wow... happy stitching...

  13. Christmas bargains galore! I love the teapots!!!

  14. Oh you are the queen of thrift - what lovely finds! I especially love the tea pots!

  15. You did well with your 'new' Christmas decorations! That teapot definitely looks like a knitted sweater.

  16. I love your teapots Paulette and the wonderful Gingerbread things that you found. You find the best stuff at your thrift store.

    I put up our Christmas village today and so the mantle looks lovely with the village all lit up.
    Made some nuts and bolts - am beginnng to get decorated for Christmas. We always leave the decorations up until after January 6th.

    Enjoy all your wonderful finds,

  17. I just don't know how you do it - you find such wonderful things. Think I need a trip to some of your thrift shops, as well as your quilt shops, and your quilt groups!