Thursday, September 18, 2014

Workshop…Disappearing Hourglass…

Recently Joanne, from Heritage Quilting, had a mini workshop where she showed members a VERY neat trick…she changed two 10” blocks into an hourglass block and then took the hourglass block and change it into a magnificent block…licky-split!  Presto-chango!

OK…I confess…I arrived a wee bit late…here’s what happened…Joanne took two 10” squares (a light and a dark), sandwiched them together, right sides facing each other and stitched 1/4” around the whole thing.  Then sliced them corner to corner. She then ironed the blocks, seams to the dark side and arranged them to form an hourglass…see the picture…She then stitch together. (this is where the pictures start :)IMG_1996

Then she sliced and turn 2 1/8” from the center, sliced and turned, sliced and turned, sliced and turned…being careful to keep all the pieces together and lined up.


Here she is slicing the last side…IMG_1998

Change a few blocks around…


…and changed some more…


Until she formed this block…easy peasy, like magic…and what a wonderful block!


And before you know it…you have THIS!!!  Wouldn’t this make a sweet table topper!


Low and behold when I got home and Googled Disappearing Hourglass I discovered that  Missouri Star has a VIDEO on how to make this easy and fast block!! (Don’t you LOVE the internet!!)  You can find it HERE!!  Don’t you love Jenny…she makes everything fun and easy! And so does Joanne!

SEW…thank you Joanne…and Jenny!!  I will be trying this quilt block for sure!  Fast, Fun and Easy…my middle name!

Have a thrilling Thursday and happy stitching!~P


  1. I had seen this on Pinterest. Gotta try it.

  2. LOVE Jenny Doan, going to see her tomorrow! Definitely going to try this soon!

  3. What a coincidence - we had this demonstrated at our Guild last week. Like you I really liked the block and found it on Missouri Star. I have made three blocks so far - individually the seams in each block match up but when I try putting them together they are ever so slightly off - just enough to annoy me. So I am now going to try to construct the block in a more "traditional" way.

  4. Very interesting! Always fun to learn a new trick.:)

  5. I love how you can change a block and make a whole new design, have seen it on some of the quilt shows. I really do want to do more piecing this year.


  6. love it watched a video on utube and is on my list of things to try but have said no new till I have finished 4 quilts!

  7. I have seen this and have wanted to try it , thanks for sharing this and I am putting it on the list for this weekend to do!

  8. Great block! I do love the internet........however......I seem to want to make EVERYTHING I see!!!