Thursday, September 11, 2014

ATTENTION…all ‘Winter Solstice’ Sew A-Long Participants….

WHAT WAS I THINKING??  Slap me with a wet piece of Homespun!

Last month, after someone said “Let’s go for it…we only have trees and lambs to complete on the Winter Solstice!”)  SEW…I jumped on the bandwagon and said… “Let’s get ‘er done!”  I should have known better…shame on ME!!  If you want to go ahead and make the trees and lambs and get the top pieced then YOU go for it!  BUT..the rest of us are going to stick with the plan…The trees are turning out to be a TON of work…small and fiddly!  So if you are like me (slow…:) then please stick to our original plan…

Which is…

September…make all the trees

October…stitch the lambs and start the border

November….finish the border and stitch the top together

December…get caught up…and quilt as desired!

Now if you don’t have time to make the trees, don’t sweat it!  You have November and December (and all of 2015 for that matter…) to get caught up!  This is a no stress project!

For added incentive…just focus on the project pattern picture…huh…huh…stinking CUTE or what!!


It sucks to be you, if you aren’t making this quilt!!  Just sayin’…I am loving this quilt!! :o))

Have a Thrilling Thursday and happy stitching!~P


  1. I love that quilt, it will be worth it....

  2. LOL, I would be happy if I could get started on the ones I want to make or finish. I do have some winter ones with trees, so maybe I will see if I can get that one done in time;)


  3. Ahhhh--sanity prevails! THANK YOU! I'm starting the trees tonight. I had a, shall we say, unfortunate sewing incident last night so I'm ready for some piecing! Thanks again for hosing this! I'm loving the quilt! You rock! XOXO

  4. LOL I told you those trees were a lot of fiddling! :-) I am so glad we are sticking to the plan~ I still need to do my stars! :-o

  5. When I made the quilt top, I also found the trees time consuming since they are not all the same size pieces.

  6. I would make it if I had the pattern. Wink , wink.. It is super, super cute.

  7. It's one of the best quilts in the book but I am swamped with projects right now! Good luck getting through your little forest.:)

  8. I have my barns finished Paulette!! And I have started cutting out all the little houses--by the end of September I hope to be caught up!!