Monday, September 8, 2014

Fab Five…of our Fall Book Review…

I hope you are enjoying my little parade of Fall Books…today’s selection is by a Canadian Quilter, Cheryl Wall.  She lives across the water from me in Abbotsford or Chilliwack (out in the country, down the road from Vancouver)…I have been to her booth at Quilt Shows in her area and they have always been wonderful…full of all things ‘good’!  But enough about that…today it’s all about her book…

I want to talk about ‘Country Comforts’…it’s Cheryl’s first book and although it’s not CALLED a Fall book, it definitely has a Fall flavour to it!  Look at that cover quilt…Fall or what?


And inside plenty of FALL GOODNESS!!  Do you remember Seattle Judy making this quilt…Baskets and Blooms?…It was gorgeous!  You can see it HERE!  Judy still needed to add the applique to the edges but even without it, it was lovely!


THIS ONE…LOVE*LOVE*LOVE* it!!  It’s called ‘Autumn Equinox’.  I think after we have finished stitching ‘Winter Solstice’ we should start working on ‘Fall Equinox’…I think it’s only fair, don’t you?!


BUT if we do ‘Fall Equinox’ then we HAVE to also make ‘Bear Tracks in My Garden’…is this one not SCREAMING “FALL”!  Stunning!!


I also love the simplicity of ‘Ribbons and Roses’!IMG_1900

There are tons of great quilts inside this book…do you want to see more?  Then head on over to Cheryl’s Blog…and click on the cover of the book (it’s located on the right hand margin of her blog)…the click will take you to the publisher, who will provide you with a slide show of this book!  But be warned…you may end up ordering it!  Just sayin…it’s good, REALLY good!

WOW!!  Here it is Monday…again!  We had such a wonderful weekend, full of adventures and SEWING…and of course our beautiful summer continues with temperatures close to 30C!  Will it never end…?  (Can you tell that I want rain…there I have SAID IT, almost out loud!!:o)

I’m off to Heritage this morning…ahhh life is good here on the West Coast of Vancouver Island!  How about you?  Do you get to play today too?  Regardless, keep smiling and keep stitching…and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I too had a wonderful weekend. Started off with quilting with my group on Saturday and then finished up with all kinds of hand work, hand quilting on a Christmas wall hanging, rug hooking on a turkey rug, and started a new snowman embroidery for my daughter. Yep... fantastic weekend.

  2. Another wonderful book, enjoying seeing the insides to see what types of quilts they have.


  3. I also love that book and her new one.
    The borders I put this weekend also came back off. :(
    Enjoy your day!

  4. looks like a book I need to add to my library.
    thanks for the review! Kathie