Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eye Candy …on paper…

I always feel like Steven Martin in the ‘JERK’ when he gets the new phone book and runs about town screaming “THE NEW PHONE BOOK IS IN TOWN! THE NEW PHONE BOOK IS IN TOWN! ”  Well that’s me, only I am screaming “Simply Vintage is in town!  Simply Vintage is in town!”

This is the summer issue…and there’s plenty of eye candy once again!


Filled with sweet, sweet projects…like this framed basket wool work!


And check out this RV pillow…perfect for a Snowbirding mama!


And a close-up…One of my readers gave me a tip to get rid of glare…but it doesn’t seem to work, in fact it kind of turned my pictures yellow!  :)  Good thing my hobby isn’t photography…


Yellow or not, glare or not…this magazine is chalk full of goodness…


LOVE this house quilt!  In yellow…


…or white!  See what I mean?!  I think I better stick with glare…


But you get the idea…Simply Vintage is SIMPLY the BEST!  If you live in the Victoria (BC) area then Chapters Book Store (downtown) is the place to go for your copy!  They had a huge stack of them…and a huge stack of Quiltmania Magagines too!  But I see that I am a season behind!  Over at Lone Star Mercantile’s Blog they are selling the Autumn issues already!  As usual I am LATE!!  The story of my life…but better late than NEVER! Right…?  It’s all GOOD!

Hey…did you hear…the NEW ‘Simply Vintage is IN!!  The NEW Simply Vintage is IN!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I received my Autumn issue yesterday. Oh my goodness, gorgeous projects to drool over and fit into the schedule. Love the magazine!!

  2. Hi Paulette,

    Sorry my hint didn't work for you, but it has been successful for me. I must additive not taken a full page photo but I did have a black background that I shot mine against.

    Wish I could find that magazine, will have to check Chapters again. Thanks for sharing the inside story.

  3. That looks like a great magazine! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Here's my tip! Turn off your flash and edit in Picasa 3 (it's free). You can add light and make it look natural! No glare! XO

  5. Love the little 'trailer' pillow. I've 'pinned' a few different clamping projects, but that one is super-cute.

  6. Looks like a fun issue, so many new ones out and I haven't been to the stores lately, so missing a lot, but maybe that is a good thing, lol.


  7. Perfect analogy, lol....funny movie. Yes this magazine never disappoints. I have my eye out for the fall issue...