Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall Book # 3…

You will all recognize this Fall favourite…it’s called ‘Pumpkin Patch Threads’ by Need’l Love!!   Log Cabin Quilter, Karen just completed a gorgeous Fall table topper from this book!!  Proof that there is lots of Fall goodness in this book!!


You will also find tons of wool projects in this book…like this sweet runner!  Put your ear up to the screen…can you hear it calling my NAME?


And this is the one that Karen is working on…check it out HERE!  She is a beauty…look at those wee log cabins!!  Dang sweet!


Oh man…is this not the nicest Fall Quilt EVER and LOOK at that PILLOW!


And check out this wall hanging…can you see the fancy stitched ghost stars?  LOVE IT!!


So that’s it for my Saturday’s show and tell!  If you are feeling like MORE…then head on over to Karen’s…she is reviewing a book that I don’t own…yet!!  You are going to LOVE it!

I DO promise that you are going to like what you see in Sunday’s Fall book…just sayin’ hurry on back for Book #4!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. The bed size quilt with pumpkins and acorns would make a beautiful quilt for fall.

  2. I like the patterns in this book, need to go through mine and see what I have.


  3. I have this book, but haven't made anything from it as yet---some day.

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful quilts in the fair! I recognized them right away!

  5. This is my al time favorite Needl Love book! I hope to make every project in there! :-)

  6. I loved your pictures and went to their site to order the book.I commented that your blog inspired me to order. She emailed back for a link to your blog. Thanks for the review and I can't wait to see the book in real life.

  7. Hollyhill quilt shop has the cover quilt as a kit. It is gorgeous.