Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall Book Number TWO…

…is called ‘Farm Fresh’ by Buggy Barn!  This book was a VERY thoughtful gift from a friend a few years back and I still love it! 


Now someone out there is saying WHAT?  This isn’t a FALL BOOK!  Well I beg to differ…just look at THOSE pumpkins!!  In fact it is THOSE pumpkins that makes me LOVE this quilt so much!  Wouldn’t that wagon load of pumpkins make a wonderful quilt all on it’s own?! 


True to Buggy Barn form they have all of the pattern pieces ready for you on the huge fold out inserts inside this book! 


And check out THIS quilt in the last section of the book!  I didn’t even KNOW that it was there!  A BONUS Beauty!  And this one I would agree with you, not Fall but VERY NICE!


Ahhh YES!!  Thanks Claire, for sending me the FALL version of this pattern…gorgeous!! 

unnamed (2)

Now because ‘Farm Fresh’ has only the feature quilt in it (and the added quilt at the back) I am going to team it up with this wee book called ‘Sample The Seasons’ by Whimsicals and CALL it book 2.  (My blog, my post! :o))


This quilt is a SEASONAL quilt…with a Fall section…and a dang cute section it is!!  There are sweet crows on the pumpkins which are adorable… but it’s the fence that I love…LOOK at the barbed wire!!  You stitch a wavy line and then put Xs on it to for the barbs and you are done!  It totally MAKES this quilt!  Now wouldn’t THIS make a cute little Fall table mat…


So there you have Book TWO…and a half!  Stay tuned for Book 3 tomorrow! (I am not doing these books in any particular order…I love them ALL.)

Have you checked YOUR Fall books for some great quilts?  You may be pleasantly surprised…come on we wanna know!

Have a fun Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Oh my goodness Paulette.....I have the Farm Fresh quilt finished except for the left hand border with the stars. All the pieces are prepped and ready to go!! And I put the date on it...2011! Time to get that puppy finished!! I don't know why I do that....stop when I'm so close.

  2. Just for your info, The Buggy Barn is closing after 18 years.

  3. That is one of my favorite quilts. I am off to find the book for myself.

  4. I made the farm fresh quilt and it covers all the seasons. The pumpkins are for fall, flag for summer, flowers for spring and I assume that winter is the basket full of winter flowers. It is a really big quilt and I needle turned all the appliqué. Because of the size and because it covers basically all the seasons I never take it down. Did you know that Buggy Barn is closing their doors so they are having a sale.

  5. I am lovin your book reveals.


  6. That wagon full of pumpkins quilt would be a beauty to display. I do not have that book.
    P.S., I took up the challenge and posted about a fall quilt book today.

  7. I just ordered Farm Fresh because I fell in love with that quilt.

    Are you up for a quilt along once mine gets here?

  8. I love that quilt too! I am also currently in mourning with the announcement that Buggy Barn is closing the shop. I wanted to go to the show this year but couldn't get the time off. I wonder if the girls will continue to do some design work after the shop closes...we can all hope!

  9. I have that quilt started, it's a huge one. I need to get that out and work on it again one of these days.

  10. I love the big quilt's appliqué, those are nice by themselves for mini quilts.


  11. Love the fall colours and the books look so interesting> Have not tried applique but today we are having a lesson at our MQG meeting

  12. It's sad to see good designers go. Loved the quilt you showed. Sunflowers say fall to me just like the pumpkins.

  13. I have the Buggy Barn book and would never have dreamed that blue pieced quilt could be changed to sunflowers---uh oh! I love me some sun flowers.....