Monday, September 22, 2014

Asleep at the Wheel…

My apologies…I forgot to tell to you about the BOOK that ‘Buds in a Basket Quilt’ came out of.  (This is the project that I am currently working on…see yesterdays’ post)  Several of you asked about the title of the book so I thought I had better share it with you while the thought is STILL there…! :o)

If you love the work of Japanese Quilters then you will love this book… ‘A Bouquet of Quilts’!  All of the projects in this book came from “Quilts Japan” a prominent Japanese magazine.  If you have ever seen quilts made by fellow quilters from Japan then you KNOW the skill and workmanship that goes into their quilts is amazing!  They are truly works of art as their attention to detail is out of this world!  I know all of their quilts stopped me in my tracks while at the Road to California Quilt Show…INCREDIBLE QUILTS!!

Here are a few of the quilts taken out of this book…please excuse the quality of the pictures!


This ‘Spring Irish Chain Quilt’ is composed of squares less than 2” square…in lovely subtle colours with hand stitched Trapunto in each of the large white squares…A work of ART for sure!IMG_2069

This LOG CABIN quilt called ‘Rainbow Garden Log Cabin Quilt’ is visually stunning!  Each block is made up of four 2 1/4” paper-pieced Log Cabin Blocks!  Yowzers!  Not for the weak at heart, that’s for sure…BUT they also include instructions for 4” blocks for us sissies!


I recognised this wee wall hanging as it was featured in Quiltmania magazine…and is on MY TO DO LIST!!  Quiltmania often features Japanese quilters and I have to admit that they ALWAYS have me drooling!  (this quilt is called ‘Watering Can Bouquet Sampler Quilt’ by Yoko Saito)


‘Dutch Treat Tulip Basket Quilt’ by Masaki Yamamoto is lovely…Check out the Xs in the border…like a rows of little kisses floating around the quilt!


If you LOVE the work of Japanese quilters than you NEED to see my PINTEREST board labelled Japanese Quilts…talk about EYE CANDY!!  This board is not for the weak at heart…guaranteed to have you blubbering like a baby!!  Go HERE…but don’t say I didn’t warn you!!  AMAZING quilts with incredible workmanship! 

Have a magical Monday and happy stitching!~P


  1. I also have the book A bouquet of Quilts.....and love it....after I saw what you were making I thought I better get the book out and make something out of it.....beautiful quilts.....

  2. The rainbow garden log cabin quilt is just fabulous! Talk about a long term project!

  3. Love the tulip basket quilt. ,ooks like a lovely book.

    I can give you a hint for photographing books or other printed items, if you have a SLR take a pice of white paper about the size of a business card and try and clip it in front of your flash. It will stop the hot spot in your picture.

    If you have a point and shoot camera, try and hold the white paper I front of the flash and avoid getting it in the picture.

    Hope this helps.

  4. I can't believe I have never seen this book...move out of the way...I gotta go find it!!!

  5. I got my book on Amazon yesterday - great price!

  6. I do love the japanese books, but wish they were in english, lol.


  7. lots to see and want to make in this book

  8. I have this book in my library and it is wonderful!