Thursday, September 4, 2014

I’ll Show you MINE…if you Show me YOURS!

EVERYBODY is talking about FALL out in blogland!  It seems to be the buzz word for sure!  It’s funny, we are always so happy to see the arrival of Summer but we are even more excited to see it go…and let’s face it, the cooler weather makes one itch to quilt!  Not to mention all of those wonderful Fall Patterns!

Yesterday I was ‘talking’ to Karen from Log Cabin Blog.  She is working on a Fall project right now…the sweetest Acorn quilt from Needl’ Love…dang cute!  Check it out but remember to come back…:o)

Anyways, while we chit chatted we got on the subject of favourite FALL projects, which led to favourite Fall Books…which sent her off in a tizzy to checking a few that were on my list!

It was here that I had a…download

Did you hear THAT Light Bulb Moment MUSIC?

Yes, I have these moments…maybe not as often as I use to… but often enough to keep my sewing room a mess!! 

SEW my idea…Wouldn’t it be fun to share Favourite FALL Books…I mean your ALL TIME Favourites…the kind of book that you pick up and you start salivating over the moment the cover flops open…it’s THAT good!  (Ok…maybe this isn’t THAT great of an idea but humour me…I’m getting old!)

I have SEVEN Fall books…so I am planning on sharing one book a day for A WHOLE WEEK! 

What about YOU?  Do you have some Favourite Fall Books that you would like to share?  Come on…I’ll show you MINE, if you show me YOURS!!  You know you wanna…besides what else have you got to write about?

So today’s book is…(insert drum roll….) THE COTTAGE OF CARDIFF FARMS QUILTS!  Now this book doesn’t SAY that it’s a FALL book but to me most of the project do! 

Check out the cover…LOOK at those Fall colours…and isn’t that sweet dog screaming Fall…he even looks cooler…and rubber gumboots are SO FALL!!


Let me show you a few projects inside this book but please excused my photography…I even tried taking these shots outside in the shade but it was just too darn SUNNY!!  Love this wool wall hanging which would be perfect to hang anytime of year but especially NOW!  I am a sucker for watering cans!


Now this is washed out because of my picture taking!!  Sorry…BUT LOVE this quilt!  Quite often simple says it BEST!!  This was made with charm packs!  ***LOVE***!!


Oh man…nothing says Fall like going back to School…and LOOK at this quilt…red school houses on a Fallish background!  This quilt was hanging at the Country Loft Quilt Shop.  It was hanging behind the cash register… magnificent…and huge! And of course I bought the pattern…I HAD to have it!!  Now it’s at my fingertips as the pattern is also in this book!!


And it’s beautifully illustrated!  This one is on my TO DO LIST!!  Every retired teacher NEEDS a warm and cozy school house quilt to wrap themselves in on that first day of school!!  YAHOO!!


Just to remind themselves that no matter how much they LOVED their job, RETIREMENT IS SEW MUCH BETTER!!  Ain’t life grand!!

SEW that was book number ONE!  You can visit Cardiff Farms HERE…but wear your gumboots and be prepared to give lots of belly rubs!  Just sayin’…it’s almost Fall!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy stitching!


  1. I love fall too - but summer remains my favorite, as the beach is my favorite place in the world!! Well, I love the beach even in winter, lol. I don't think I have any fall books! But I'm in love with every single thing you pictured!

  2. I like the blue pitcher of flowers. And yes, a good idea to share fall books. I look forward to what you show.

  3. I'm in denial about the changing of the Seasons this year. Summer was slow in coming I want to squeeze a few more days in here of playtime and Summertime in. When the children went back to school, I used to CHEER! It just isn't the same since they all left home. No Fall Books for me to look at. :(

  4. I enjoy seeing books from other's viewpoints, and I like the simplicity of the cover quilt.


  5. The weather here is hotter than during the summer...but I still love those fall projects, especially that house quilt!

  6. Always sad to see summer go, but try and welcome fall on the first "official" day.

  7. Fall is my favorite time of year! You stinker..I am all dressed and getting ready to go out and was just using some time up by blog reading now you got me wanting to go up and look for Fall books! one of my favorite is always the Fall addition of the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine!

  8. My favorite fall book is Falloween by Need"l love.. it's wonderful !! hope you have it !!