Sunday, September 21, 2014

It’s all ‘Goode’..

…as in Mary Goode.. She is the winner of Abingdon Press’ ‘Quilts of Love’ book series giveaway! 

Blogger Mary Goode said...

I love, love, love Mackinac Island. We have been there many times and a little more of my heart remains on that little island with each visit. Thank you for the fun of being part of this giveaway...and the possibility of winning this book! Happy Fall!

Congratulations, Mary!  And THANK YOU, Litfuse Publicity Group for supplying us with the book!!  It has been fun!  Remember if you are interested in this series you can go HERE to explore the many books in the series!

Now onto quilting…

Yesterday I felt like doing some mindless piecing…just sit at the machine and let her drive down that highway of quilt making…  Do you remember THIS QUILT?  It’s called ‘Buds In a Basket’ by Sachiko Yasuda. 


Well these baskets also felt like going for a ride…They have been sitting in the tote long enough!  All of the baskets were finished…and were waiting…and waiting!


So I cut up the rest of the fabric to put the quilt together…


…and started the process of mindlessly stitching the wee border pieces together! 


SEW…it looks like I got my wish!!  :o)) And so did the baskets…mindless sewing yesterday…and today…and maybe even tomorrow!  Ahh… Life is SWEET!

Have a sunny Sunday and Happy stitching!~P


  1. I had never seen this basket pattern before, and I really love those round baskets, they are so so cute with such fresh prints!

  2. I love this quilt - the colors are so happy and fresh and the applique is adorable on each basket - what book is this adorable project from. You go girl on getting it off the "to do" list.
    Hugs - Karen

  3. That is a fun quilt and nice piece to do while you relax.


  4. enjoy your book Mary. Basket quilt is lovely you have come a long way with this in just a day

  5. Sometimes doing the mindless piecing thing feels like you're having a rest. Looking forward to a finished top!

  6. Love those baskets.:) Nothing wrong with mindless sewing occasionally. The results are usually well worth the effort. lol

  7. very pretty basket blocks, looking forward to seeing this one finished.
    happy quilt.

  8. Love the quilt, and have been looking for the pattern . Could you tell me where you got the book? Love your blog!

  9. Who can resist a Basket quilt for long? Cute ones and colorful too!

  10. I've admired these baskets before, and I'm glad now to see the whole quilt. Or, maybe not, because it is super tempting!

    Can you tell me what book or magazine it was in? I might have a look for it...