Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What’s on my Wall this Wednesday?

What’s on my wall this Wednesday?  Well…basically the SAME thing that was on the wall last Wednesday…Rome was not built in a day!  BUT note that PROGRESS has been made!

Last Wednesday~

IMG_2037 - Copy

This Wednesday~


Slow and steady…wins the race!


I still need to applique a couple more leaves and the birds, then sew the rows together and add the stems and berries to the bottom and top rows, add the borders and then quilt…OK, so there is a lot more to do!  And here I thought I was ‘almost’ finished! 

This is my evening project…to stitch while I watch TV.  We have been watching the series ‘Fargo’…YOWZERS!  So much happens on that show that it is hard to stitch and watch!  The story is supposedly based on TRUE EVENTS?!  Man, do I lead a sheltered life…and I like it that way!!  (GOOD SHOW though…!)

I’m hoping to have this Moda Love quilt finished by next Wednesday…well…depending how exciting Fargo gets… and who lives and who dies!  (This was a FREE PATTERN offered by Moda… which Jan Patek then took and jazzed up with her applique…you can get her version HERE!:o)  Thanks, Jan!!

Have a wicked Wall Wednesday of your own…and happy stitching!~P

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  1. this is coming along beautifully your applique is so neat love it