Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Fling 2013…

Our first stop was ‘The Stars and Scraps Quilt Shop’ in Corona, CA!  There were five of us in Siena’s truck barrelling down the I-10 Freeway!  Siena was weaving in and out of traffic like a real pro…yup, she really knew what she was doing!!   We were gone from  sunup to sundown and we did ALL EIGHT shops in one day and lived to tell about it! 

There were a total of eleven Clubhouse quilters in total…in two vehicles…and man we had fun!!  All eight shops were fantastic and gave each participating quilter a square from a Monet panel and a fat 1/8th of matching fabric.  So in total, if you went to all eight shops, you would end up getting the full Monet panel and 1 yard of coordinating fabric.  Very generous of them as fabric sure isn’t cheap!

So here we are arriving at the ‘Stars and Scraps’…this is the picture that I got when I asked them to line up for their annual Shop Hop Photo! Sheesh…anxious to get shopping or what!P1220534

I can see why they were in such a hurry…wow…what an incredible shop!!  So much to see, so much to touch…so much to buy!


Seattle Judy was excited to see Cheryl Wall’s quilt hanging on the wall!  This is the quilt that Judy is currently working on!


I’m just going to let you wander throughout the shop on your own…go ahead and browse…

Nice shop…eh!  So wave good-bye to the ‘Bluebird of Happiness’ and the ‘Stars and Scraps’… as it’s off to the next shop! 

See you tomorrow for more shops to see, more fabric to touch and more things to buy!!  Are you having fun yet??

Have a Fantastic Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Wow, Paulette, what an incredible shop. I'd get into some serious trouble shopping there. LOL

  2. After taking all those pictures, I'm surprised you still had enough time to buy all those bags of material and patterns!!

  3. 1 of each that shop!

  4. Thanks again for another wonderful shop tour. Why is it that California has such fabulous quilt shops and we have nothing?

  5. LOL Oh my goodness. Heartsdesire cracked me up. I live in CA and clearly do not get out enough!!! I so appreciate all your posts on shops in my area. I have some serious shopping to try. I am so glad you all stayed off that horrible 91 fwy. There is no good time to be on that fwy.

    blessings, jill

  6. Sure glad you got pictures as I don't recall see half of that stuff.

  7. Sure hope you got time to shop after taking all those pictures for your blogger buddies!

  8. I would not be able to walk out of that shop without a bag full of goodies, lol. I do have that little pillow pattern, it is what I made the basket one with.


  9. Looks like you had a fun to share some pictures of the Monet fabric panel, curious about the colours.

    Fin to see a display of Cheryl's quilts so far from home.

  10. Awesome, thank you. So wish I was coming to Nth America for a holiday soon! Opps not holiday, shopping trip!

  11. Maybe you could make the "Apple" quilt for Rick to trade for pies next year?

  12. Fabulous shop! How the heck did I miss that one? Geesh, I definitely have to go back! Thanks for the great pictures.

  13. Wow! I bet some of those wool patterns just happened to land in your bag.