Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Frosty Mugs…

What a wonderful surprise awaited me when I opened the ‘Frosty Mugs’ Kit from Dorr Wool…and found everything LABELLED!!  They took the guess work out of which piece of wool went for what!  Loved it!


Within minutes I had reversed the pattern and traced it onto the Heat n Bond Lite, ironed it on to the labelled wool and had it cut out and placed on the long stripe of backing!



Yup, it’s cuteness exceeded my wildest expectations!


And I loved Dorr’s selection of neutrals…a selection like this would be hard to find!


Please excuse the dog rolling on the last snowman…


I think she’s trying to cool down!  It was another HOT one today!


Well that makes THREE projects prepped and ready for our trip home.  Surely this SHOULD be enough to keep me busy and stitching on the long trek home…?!  Gawd forbid that I should look up and start back seat driving! heehee

Have a Terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. So cute. I just bought the pattern. Can't wait to start

  2. If you fuse your applique pieces to the bg wool doesn't it become difficult to hand stitch the pieces? Or does the fusible not make that much of a difference?

  3. This would have made a great tutorial for us "Woolie Wantabe's".

  4. That's weird.... I prepped mine yesterday too!! I too loved how everything was labeled... It's so cute! I'm thinking of saving that wonderful backing and using it on something else!

  5. I have the pattern but I got my own wool when I did some wool shopping, now i need to make one too.


  6. Thanks for the great pictures. I am so glad your dog has to roll on your projects! All I have to do is set my project on floor for viewing or pinning and suddenly both dogs and the cats are right there on the project!

  7. Love that pattern and that's exactly how I did my kits for my Etsy shop - I labeled all the pieces. Didn't know that Dorr does that too~how funny!

    Too cute!


  8. I'm going to back mine with a red plaid cotton instead f the wool they sent.

    I'm also switching out the wool for the carrot noses, I'm not partial to the red colour in the kit.

    I've been having fun stitching mine, I don't use the fusible as I find it makes the project too stiff for my liking.

    Have fun stitching on your trip home.

  9. that is super cute. love the little red bird!

  10. Paulette, have you tried using Steam n Steam Lite 2 on your wool, I prefer it over the Heat/Bond Lite. Available at JA's in pk of 5-8" x 11" sheets. It's what Lisa at Primitive Gathering uses. That back seat driving is a "big" no-no in our household--:-)

  11. What adorable snowmen! I love it!! I just got back from vacation and have to get caught up on your posts! I'm sure I'm in for some eye candy!!:)