Thursday, March 28, 2013

It’s all over but the French Music…

Well yesterday was the last day for Clubhouse Quilting. :( Those of us still here will be leaving right after the Easter Weekend… it sounds like there will be a mass exiting on Tuesday but Gwen and Jan will still be here to wave everyone good-bye and to turn out the lights…

Of course all eight Clubhouse Quilters remaining had to make our last Wednesday as special as possible, so we had a Pot Luck Luncheon…WE do love to EAT!  In fact, I was so busy stuffing my face that I forgot to take pictures…but it was good…REALLY GOOD!

We also love to SEW!…

Hey, speaking of SEW… it was SEW good to have Anne back!  She escaped our park for a couple of weeks to fly to Virginia to babysit her Grandkids…and man, we sure missed her!

As you can see..Anne managed to keep busy!  She whipped up this inspirational ‘What Cancer Cannot Do’ quilt…Anne herself is a survivor and her smile says it ALL!! 


Kim found the Cancer panel in her travels down to Yuma and bought it for Anne.



Lots of encouraging words on this quilt…. Wouldn’t this be the perfect quilt to give a friend battling this horrible disease!


Anne also finished machine appliqueing this Pat Wys quilt (from the book called ‘Spotlight on Neutrals’.  As you can see, Anne didn’t keep with the Neutral Theme but instead used French Generals’ Rouenneries Deux fabric!! PERFECT!!


You need to get up close and personal….


Do you think I took enough pictures?? haha


And here she is with the borders on…Oooolah lah!!  The old French General is proud!!


Yup….supplémentaire belle……

P1220873 The French music just stopped and the clock is telling me YOGA TIME!!  Got to hustle!

You are going to have to wait until tomorrow to see what the other Clubhouse Quilters are working on….

I have to squeeze into those tight (and getting tighter) yoga pants!!  What’s going to happen first…our holiday will end or my yoga pants will EXPLODE!!  :o}}  Not a very pretty thought!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Loved Anne's quilts.....boy the border on the basket quilts sure pulled it all together...beautiful...have a safe trip home....I see your going to be busy in the car sewing away.....the miles will fly by....

  2. Anne did a wonderful job on her applique quilt, and the cancer quilt is very special. Here's hoping your yoga pants don't explode before you leave for The weather here is lovely, with a predicted high of 18 for Easter Sunday, so temp should be just right when you arrive back on the island.

  3. Love all the pics...every one! The cancer quilt is wonderful...very inspirational! And love that appliqued for the tight yoga pants, all you have to do is buy a bigger pair...giggle!

  4. I'm not sure I understand what the club house quilters is about. Is it at a caravan park where you spend a holiday with others?

  5. You have quite a group there Paulette.
    I like both of these quilts, but love the flower basket

  6. Wonderful quilts and love the basket piece, nice for spring.


  7. Love the basket quilt! Very sweet and inspiring.:) Good luck with the yoga pants staying put!

  8. That is a beautiful basket quilt~!~

  9. Hi! It's not you, it's the pants! Probably shrinking in the dryer! LOL Works for me...
    Take care, Leslie