Thursday, March 14, 2013

NEVER too late to teach an OLD DOG new tricks…

Yesterday while at Clubhouse Quilting I noticed that Jan’s quilt top was finally together, all spread out on the table and looking mighty fine…so I grabbed the camera and rushed over!  Now Jan is NEW to quilting and this is her FIRST ever quilt…and it is stunning!!  

Here I thought that it was spread out on the table for a photo op but no…Jan was getting a lesson on how to put on her borders…and what a lesson it was!!  Before we knew it, ALL of the Clubhouse Quilters were around this quilt soaking in JoAnne’s words of wisdom!

Here’s what you do…spread your finished top out on a huge table or on the floor…then take your TWO border strips and lay them right down the middle of the quilt…(see picture)…


Then using your rotary cutters cut the border strips the length of the top…first cut at the top…


Move to the other end and cut….YOU heard me…no measuring, no measuring tape, no figuring out the average…just CUT, CUT!


I got so excited that I almost dropped my camera!  EUREKA!  Do you know how much time this saves…and when you get to be my age every second counts!!   Wow!!  JoAnne is brilliant!


And here is the cut border getting eased onto the quilt’s edge…and this quilt lived happily ever after! The End…. THANK YOU, JOANNE…and Jan!!


That’s what I love about this group…the flow of ideas and know-how is incredible!

And speaking of INCREDIBLE…here are our Clubhouse Quilters for this year…with a few missing…It’s hard to get a shot of EVERYONE as there is always another adventure to drag us off!


Is it me…or is our little group getting YOUNGER?  Or maybe it’s because I’m not in the picture?? :o}}}  Whatever the reason…it’s so nice to get some new, fresh blood in the group!  Geeze… I sound more like a vampire than a quilter!  What I’m TRYING to say is… THIS IS ONE GREAT GROUP OF QUILTERS!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Wonderful idea!!! I'll be using that one

  2. My machine quilter/friend does NOT like that method as it doesn't always leave nice flat, square borders. Just an FYI

  3. Borders are not my thing, I never can get them cut without a wobble in the middle, so I don't put borders on my quilts. They seem to be fine without them, but this looks like a good tip.
    Your group looks great, and didn't you know, quilting makes you younger, so keep quilting. lol

  4. This looks so wonderful.

    Greetings from Germany, Grit

  5. Great tip, thanks for sharing! What a beautiful quilt!

  6. Always nice to learn new things.:)

  7. There is nothing quite as wonderful as an experienced quilter around to share knowledge and how-to. Sure wish I could be in your clubhouse group, but I do have a nice little group right here in Rocky Point. Quilters are an amazing bunch, I have discovered. Love that quilt!

  8. OHHHH--when you have to load one of those quilts on your mid-arm you might rethink this idea. What if the upper edge of the quilt top is one inch bigger than the middle of the top? And I've had some quilts on my longarm where the top is 3 inches bigger than the middle and the bottom is 2-3 inches bigger than the middle. These usually necessitate a LARGE glass of wine! :))

  9. A beautiful quilt, lovely colors and your quilting group? Fabulous 'vamps' every single one! Next time set the time, would have loved have seeing the vamp queen in there..fangs out for new blood and all ;) Lovely group! Great, fun blog!!!

  10. Sorry. But that won t let your borders be flat. Measure with ruler both sides and thru the middle...that will be the proper measurement to cut border strips. Take it from a long arm quilter who sees too many wavy borders

  11. I was taught to measure the middle of the quilt and use that measurement for the borders, so this just makes that even easier!! My edges aren't always equal, so I have to wiggle a little, but never more than 1/4-1/2 inch. I would certainly worry if I was off 3 inches!!

  12. Great tip!! I do mine sorta similar & cut both borders at the same time. Her quilt is just beautiful!!

  13. Lordy .... what a great idea and tip!

  14. I do my borders pretty much like that. I do longarm quilting and all I can say is that if the quilt center itself is square and the borders are done like this, it works.