Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seattle Judy is HOT!

The weather’s not the only thing HOT around here…Seattle Judy has turned into a sewing fiend! You can find her most days hand stitching in the cooler comfort of the shade from her oleander hedge, sipping her iced coffee and stitching away!

I have got to admit with the temperature now well into the 90Fs (32C+) that’s what I have been doing…that and floating around the pool!  I don’t do heat very well…:o} are two MORE finishes from Seattle Judy…P1220680

This little table mat turned our wonderful…how could it not?!


…just LOOK at those Civil War fabrics!! 


Very sweet!


BUT…it’s her Frosty Mugs that REALLY got my attention…LOVE this FUN mat/wall hanging!


Are these not the CUTEST guys EVER…and I swear, just bringing them out sent the temperature plummeting! (I wish..:)


When Dorr’s had their sale on these kits we all ordered one…Judy, Sandy, Claire and I…how could we not, they were ONLY $25 each (pattern was included!!) 


A kit is the only way to make something like this because it is too difficult to find all these different textured white neutrals!


Man…I love this long (401/2”) beauty!!


The wool that was sent is nothing but Dorr’s finest…soft and thick and the perfect colours! 

HEY, I just checked Dorr’s site and they still have these long wall hangings kits on for $25!!  It’s a steal as all the other shops sell the kits for at least $50!!


Now Dorr’s sends a huge piece of gorgeous red plaid backing for the runner…but the four of us decided why waste such a beautiful huge piece of red wool.  We decided to back it with cotton and finish it off with a binding and save the red for another project!!  Brilliant!


While looking at Primitive Gathering’s version of this runner at Road to California we noticed that that’s exactly how they finished it off…with cotton….and their kit was $60 …with no big piece of red wool!

So there you have it…that’s my deal for today!

Thanks Judy, for sharing your masterpieces!  It’s hard (impossible) to keep up with you!!

Have a Wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Love Seattle Judy's cute little table mat. And I also love your photography. It's so great to see the close ups of those wonderful Civil War fabrics.
    I've thought of ordering the snowmen kit, but not sure if I would actually finish it. But it would be a great hand sewing project for the summer on the deck. Hope your temps cool down a bit for you. You won't have any heat problems when you get home. Dreary and wet again today.

  2. I cannot imagine 90's, this time of year, I am happy that the sun came out a bit and it isn't freezing or snowing, lol. Love that quilt with the blues, nice combinations of fabrics and I do have the snowman stack to do.


  3. I got the Dorr Mills kit Nd just checked, they have sold out! They owe you a commission for all your references. I too am going to save the red wool for another project. It is my take along project right now when I go to sit and stitches.

    Ian choosing to make my noses a bit more carrot coloured but love the wools they share.

    I also got the chickadee sewing kit and it has all wool plus the button closure and threads to stitch it all together.

    I also noted the price difference at PG.

  4. I won the pattern for this in a blog hop give away but I haven't done anything with it yet!