Monday, March 18, 2013

Rosie’s Calico Cupboard…

With the temperature approaching the 100F mark, Hubby and I decided to get out of Dodge and go somewhere cooler…and San Diego, being only a short two hour (air conditioned) drive away, seemed like the logical choice!  San Diego is also on the ocean so it’s guaranteed to be cool…and cooler it was…a mere 60F!! There we were dressed in sandals and shorts and capris…but that’s OK…it was REFRESHING!! 

Of course Rosie’s Calico Cupboard came to mind…:o) I have been told by several sources that if I am ever in San Diego then I should hunt up Rosie’s Calico Cupboard…a quilt shop!  I asked for ‘an hour’…BIG mistake…HUGE!  I needed much longer…

Here’s the front of the shop…check out the sales table…all fabric out here was $5 a yard, patterns and books were half price….


Now Rosie’s isn’t a flashy quilt shop…just a few quilts hanging…there was no room to hang quilts!  It was all about THE FABRIC…

Tons of books…all in categories to help shoppers find the right book.


And fabric…this was the Flannel section…and on the other side Batiks…




Yup…it was all about the fabric…yellow fabric…


…and orange..


…and black and white…




…and beige…are you getting the idea?  EVERY colour had a section like this!



There was a Civil War ROOM!!…this is just one small section…


And a huge section of theme related fabric…like insects, dogs, cats, fruit and veggies, flowers, leaves, bugs, stars, …you name it!

All of the fabric was $7.50 to $8.50 a yard!!  The best prices EVER!!  Eureka!


Then there was the SALES ROOM!  All fabric was $5 a yard!!


The shop was huge…and FULL…mind numbing FULL!!  I swear I glazed over…and my hour passed in the blink of an eye!  The staff was plentiful, very nice and extremely helpful!


So what did I buy?  Surprisingly not that much….  Like I said it was overload…and the only project that I was looking for was  ‘Evelyn’s Album’.  I needed some red and black Wool and Needle Wool Flannel but they had none…probably the ONLY fabric that they didn’t have!

I DID find this beautiful blue fabric in the Sales room…and they had ‘Snowman Gatherings’ Charm Packs…yippee!!  ‘Snowman Gatherings’ was on my ‘list’ but alas…they didn’t have any yardage so I settled for some Charm Packs to tide me over!P1220777

And just LOOK at how ‘Snowman Gatherings’ looks with the blue fabric…they were made for each other!


I also bought 4 yards of this 1930’s reproduction fabric as I need backing for…


…my baskets…!!  Perfect…or what! 


So although I didn’t buy much, I was THRILLED with my purchases!  Next time I go to Rosie’s I will have projects in mind…and I will bring the patterns with me!!  And hopefully next time I go, my mind won’t turn to mush!!

The rest of our day was wonderful!  San Diego is a gorgeous city…and after spending the day sightseeing…we managed to find a dog park right on the beach!  Even the dogs had fun!2013-03-16[3]

Yup…we plunked ourselves down in the sand and just took in the sights!! And the temperature was PERFECT!


Yup…this HUGE beach is a DOG PARK!  Got to love it!


We had a lovely day…I mean really how could we not…fabric, sight seeing, sand and sea…and a refreshing breeze!  Doesn’t get much better than this!

Thanks for coming along!  Hope you enjoyed the visit!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That quilt store looks fabulous but those huge stores definitely do require a plan of action!

  2. I used to go to Rosie's every year when I attended a conference in San Diego. I would deliberately pack lightly, to leave room for all of my treasures for the trip home. It's is an amazing shop that is impossible to see in one visit.

  3. I haven't been to Rosie, forever. But whenever I've gone I'm just like you and get overwhelmed and end up not buying much. But it's an experience everyone should have. I love the entire Palm Springs area. We used to have a condo and spent most weekends out there. I miss it.

  4. How FUN FUN FUN---all of it---I would like one bolt of each fabric, please, and then can we take our furbabies to the beach and hang out??? Jealous??? You bet ya. :D

  5. What a store, and I can see why an hour would not be enough time to spend there. Love the 30's blue backing fabric you purchased. It's one of my favourites. I bought some years ago, and I've managed to save a small piece. It also came in red, yellow and green. Looks wonderful with your baskets.

  6. That sounds like the perfect way to spend your day, quilt shopping and a dog beach, what more could we ask for;)


  7. That really is the most perfect backing for those baskets! Good work, but next time you'll do even better.

  8. When we go to Pacific Beach this summer I will have to find Rosie's.

  9. I grew up in San Diego. It is a wonderful city. I moved away a while ago and when I would go down to see my mom & dad, my mom would always take me to Rosie's. I get totally overwhelmed at that store unless I have something specific to shop for. Glad you got to go there.

  10. Mmmmmmm.... fabric! Love how they have it all organized... makes it easier to grab a pattern's ingredients. What a GREAT dog park!

  11. Rosie's is the place you go when you have a project in mind that you want to buy for. It's total overload there. And they don't really have many inspirational projects hanging up in the shop.

  12. I visited Rosie's years ago and it still sticks in my mind as one of the best quilt stores I've shopped. What selection! I just wished I had had more time to spend there, but I remember I did do some significant stash enhancement. If I ever get back to San Diego I'm making a return visit. Enjoy your goodies - love the 30's print!

  13. I was lucky enough to live there from 2002 until 2006. Went to Rosie's often. Great store with more fabric than you could imagine.

  14. Although I only live 45 min from Rosie's, I just don't get there often enough. Maybe that is good. I could spend lots and lots. I can't think of a time I didn't come away with something wonderful!

  15. Oh my heart is went to Rosie's without me LOL. Rosie's and Coronado Island are the only things I miss about moving away from San Diego. But thanks for the photos...always nice to see all that fabric, and yes, it is larger inside than it looks from the outside.

    I doubt you remember, but that is where I got that cherry blossom fabric for you...two years ago??

    blessings, jill

  16. There is enough fabric at Miss Rosie's to make me happy.

    Have you gone to the big thrift store yet? I am trying to remember the name. Maybe Joshua Tree.

  17. OMG, I've been there. It wasn't until I saw the check-out counter that it all fell into place. However, when my quilting buddy Judy and I were there, there was a huge line-up. I think a bus full of quilters had made a stop. I remember the store but I didn't remember where it was. Thanks for the brain nudge. Great sales room.

  18. No quilt shop for me while in San Diego only Sea World and we found out it surely was cooler than LA.

  19. Looks like a great day, just visited w/a couple from San D. and they raved about how much they loved their city. Lots to do that isn't expensive. I'm like you, I get into these shops and end up walking out with nothing, I thought you did good with your purchases.

  20. Hi! for the flannel, did you try FatQuarter Shop? They ship really fast! I ordered on Wed, received it on Saturday in California!
    for the wool, did you try the Wool Lady in Temecula?
    Best of luck, Leslie

  21. Rosie's is awesome. Next time you're in SD and go to Rosie's, stop in at Country Loft which is down the road from Rosie's. Lots of great eye candy there.


  22. Oh, boy! I'd love to be let loose in that shop. Your blue fabric choice is perfect for your little baskets. Looking forward to seeing it.

  23. We live in the midwest and went to Rosie's once MANY years ago and it doesn't look like it's changed much in all these years! I bought a bunch of batiks when I was there!

  24. It was the same for me when I walked into Rosie's I became entranced and could not remember a single thing I was supposed to be looking for. I need to go back, just to fondle all the beautiful fabrics. Two hours from the desert....hmmm not to bad to get out of the heat.

  25. I was a new quilter the first time I went to Rosie's -- mid-1990s. Let's just say I was like a deer in the headlights. I wonder if it'd be the same now that I'm a seasoned quilter!