Saturday, March 30, 2013

My LOVE Quilt…

Last night we were invited over to RV blogger’s Rene and Jeanette’s for a BBQ!  Rene and Jeanette are staying just a bit down the road from us at the Caliente Hot Springs RV Resort. 

We had heard from Rene that our friends and fellow bloggers Allen and Lolita were arriving for a stay at Caliente that same afternoon so they invited them over as well!  Kind of a reunion of RV Bloggers!  Also there was another couple who were traveling friends of Rene and Jeanette’s …I wonder if they even read any of these blogs! My advice…stay away!

It was the perfect evening to sit around and lament about our holiday being over, touch on the highlights and talk about it being time to head home!  We all agreed that our time out on the desert had been wonderful but we were all eager to head home!…OK…some more eager than others!:0)

Dinner was superb…Jeanette really out did herself…but it was THE GIFT that really shocked me!!  I received my FIRST EVER Grandma gift!! SO EXCITING!! How sweet is this!


It’s a fleece quilt that Jeanette made…and look at what it says, “I Red heartGrandma!”!  Dang cute…and oh, so soft!  Jeanette is not a quilter or a sewer so that made the quilt all the more special!  THANK YOU, JEANETTE!!  My little guy is going to love it…and apparently, he is going to love ME a whole lot too!!…Hey, whatever it takes!!  heeehee.. What’s a little brainwashing here and there…right!?


My LOVE QUILT will be kept at Grammy’s house to enjoy…geeze…maybe I need to get a crib or a playpen to go with it??  (yup…hubby is rolling his eyes..)

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Very cute blankie for baby boy! And so exciting to have it at your house.

  2. Super nice blanket and such a thoughtful gift! Baby will love it; as much as Grandma! :)

  3. Haha, I found that same fabric only in flannel and the print was smaller and used it to back a baby quilt for my grandson. Gotta make sure they know what is what! :)

  4. What a sweet gift to receive! Grand babies will love snuggling in that little blanket. So sweet!

  5. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift, you really have some wonderful friends at the park and quilting groups.


  6. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Yup, you'll need some equipment. I found it easier to just have everything at Grandma's - just add grandkids!!

  7. That's just so precious P and I know you'll enjoy cuddling your Grand- babe with that!