Friday, March 15, 2013

Clubhouse Quilting Show and Tell….

Yesterday you saw what Jan was finishing off during our time Quilting in the Clubhouse…let me show you what some of the others were finishing off…

Siena was squaring up her blocks…making sure to leave that 1/4” edge all around…Man I LOVE these fabrics!!


Alice was getting ready to machine applique the flowers to this VERY sweet table topper…


Love the fabrics…the perfect print for a small project….


Heritage Judy finished off these fun place mats for her two grandkids.  Adorable!


And Heritage Judy also finished off her masterpiece!! 


Judy has worked all ‘first summer’ on this quilt and it truly is a work of art!


The pattern is called ‘Checkers Anyone?’ and can be found…

P1220747 this book, “A Baker’s Dozen”.


Doris finished off her machine case cover…wow!  Now that’s one classy cover!  Doris did a wonderful job and it looks fantastic!


Yes, very classy indeed!!


Roxanne was hand stitching this very thoughtful and heartfelt gift for her BFF back home!  She is planning on framing it when she is  finished.


Well it seems to be THAT time of year again…when the Snowbirds start their migration back home.  Roxanne left yesterday :( and Pauline leaves tomorrow…:( 

We only have a couple more weeks before we begin our own trek home!  That old saying “Time flies when you are having fun” really is true around here because the last 2 1/2 months have passed in a blink of an eye!…Mind you it’s been a FUN BLINK!  And you KNOW it’s time to leave for home when the capris can no longer button up!!  Sheesh…!

So only TWO weeks to go…got to make hay while the sun shines…and man has it been shining!!  100F yesterday!! OUCH! Today the quilters are off to ‘Quilter’s Faire’ Birthday Bash…a tent sale to end all others (or at least that’s what we are hoping!!)

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I too love those colors of Siena's blocks. Can you tell us what fabric line she used.


  2. Lots of great projects and I hope you have fun at the tent sale and find lots of goodies.


  3. Always love your show and tells! Can't believe you are almost ready to come home...seems like you just left!

  4. Чехол для швейной машины очень красочный и удобный!