Sunday, March 24, 2013

A One Woman’s Show…

Meet JoAnne…a new member at the Clubhouse…but certainly not a new member to quilting!

When JoAnne mentioned that all of her quilts were backed with Minky we just HAD to see for ourselves…so off JoAnne went to gather up her quilts that she brought with her in the RV….literally taking them right off the bed!

Here’s JoAnne and her first quilt…a real beauty for sure!


Let’s get up close and personal…as all quilters like to do!


A very scrap happy quilt…


BUT LOOK at the back…Minky soft…


and who knew that the quilting would be showcased so nicely?!!  Just lovely…


The next two quilts were gifts from friends!!  WOW, nice friends!!


What a sweet label to add even more warmth to this quilt!


And just look at the Minky!!  LOVE it!  JoAnne lives way up in north eastern British Columbia where it gets cold and snowy…Minky really hits the spot!  She said it’s easy to use and makes them extra cuddly (she uses batting too!)


Isn’t this quilt wonderful!  I love the shadow effect around each square and how they are all linked!


Another wonderful label and more Minky!!


Yup…got to find me some Minky!!


Thanks for sharing, JoAnne!  I have a whole new respect for Minky!

How about you?  Have you ever backed a quilt with Minky fabric?  Doesn’t get any softer or cuddlier than this stuff!

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Beautiful! I haven't used Minky myself, but I was gifted a small quilt with minky backing, and no batting. It is incredibly cozy!

  2. Do you also put batting in the quilts that you put Minkey on the back?

  3. Well... looks like there is going to be a run on Minky for awhile! lol! It really does show off the quilting beautifully!

  4. Wow!! Jo Anne has some beautiful quilts there...I love that last one with the shadows...beautiful!! And I feel the same as you about that minky!!

  5. Beautiful quilts! I've been using Minkee on some of my quilts for about three years now, and I love the result. So far, I have always used batting (Warm & Natural), but it does make it heavy, not that I mind! I'm going to try using white diaper flannel as a batting in my next baby quilt, to see what difference that makes. PS: I have quilted all of my Minkee-backed quilts on my domestic machine - very easy to quilt, but heavy on the arms.

  6. Thanks for sharing your friends quilts they are lovely.

  7. Minky is nice and can be quilted with or without batting. However let me chime in that it has stretch so quilting it needs to be with lots of care. So load is properly on longarm helps. I personally like the better quality Minky. I also spell it as Minke. Lol

  8. I am seriously afraid if I start using Minky...which I do what to badly, I will have tons of that filling my cabinets.

    blessings, jill

  9. Those are beautiful quilts and the backs look just as beautiful, I will have to check that out, sounds like an interesting product.


  10. Hello Pauline, I've followed you for a while and thoroughly enjoyed seeing your friend JoAnne's Quilts. I have a question for you though, living in England I've never heard of Minky fabric, we probably can buy it here but I was wondering if it comes under another name? It has such a lovely effect. Kind Regards Mandy Currie (

  11. My neighbor from Sask. uses minky on all her quilts. I just finished my first quilt backed with minky, a baby quilt for my niece's baby girl due next week!

  12. I have used minke on a couple of baby quilts - I love the feel of the fabric, but I found it very messy as it sheds when you cut it and when you are sewing. It also stretches so makes cutting a challenge as well as quilting.