Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boy…am I LATE!

You aren’t allowed to sleep in on the day when the clocks spring ahead!!  Yikes…I’m REALLY late!

So while I fly around making the coffee…YOU have a gander at what has been happening in our Quilting Clubhouse…

I think this is Roxanne’s Christmas runner… gorgeous and would look perfect on my dining room table back home!!


And I have all these fabrics in my stash…I like this one…a lot!


Siena has been busy…VERY busy making these wonderful blocks…


As you can see, she has a definite system going…just DON’T SNEEZE!


JoAnne, a new girl to our park, finished off this baby girl topper…very sweet….


And then whipped up this bowl using cotton cording and left-overs!!  What a gal!


Kim loves a good cup of coffee…in more ways than one!!


Wouldn’t this be adorable hanging in your kitchen?!


Karen has been one busy quilter..You may remember, Karen was new to quilting last year.  She was busy making quilts for her grandkids…well this year it is all about her!…LUCKY LADY!!  Just LOOK!

Lovely…in Japanese blacks, greys and golds….


And look at what she did with the left-overs!




A visitor to our park was hand stitching these….


She kept saying that she was not a quilter but took over this hand pieced job when her grandmother passed away!  Beautiful!


Pauline finished off this lovely top and it’s just peachy!


She was also getting ready to put the binding on this charity quilt.  Sweet isn’t it!


Love the quilting…a meander and a big swirl!!


Here’s the cozy back…


Here’s Anne…or what’s left of her!!  She is about 50 lbs lighter and looks fantastic!!  She made this beauty out of civil war fabrics from Temecula!  Gorgeous…both of you!


And Kim is expecting her second grand baby this summer…hmmm wonder what she’s having?!  :o)


As usual, Kim whipped this quilt up mighty fast and was busy quilting it with stars and loops!!  Very sweet with the Minkie fabric on the sides!


Here’s the back so you can see the quilting better…love this idea!!


Lots happening in the Clubhouse last week!!  We had over TWENTY ladies attending and it was a hive of activity!!  Loved it!!

I better hurry and post this…geeze… the day is half done and I haven’t had breakfast yet!  Shake a leg lady!

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. OH what a fantastic bunch of projects. Looks like everyone was busy, busy, busy.

  2. I love to see what everyone is working on and also the day trips that you take to various quilt stores. Do you know the name of the pattern that Karen was making using the Japanese black, gray and gold. Have a great week......Sandi

  3. I love show and tell at our quilt guild meetings. It's so fun to see what everyone is making and getting all that inspiration.

  4. Nice! Have you warned these new quilters how addicting quilting can be??

  5. Wow Paulette!! You have some talented ladies there with you. I so wish I was one of them!!! Tired of snow, but today is sunny and melting a bit.

    I need a tutorial from Joanne on that bowl...'spose she would do that????

    And one on the Japanese!!!! Simply stunning quilt. So is the one she made with

  6. Isn't that funny, I did the same thing, think we have our clocks in reverse of the seasons, lol. Lots of beautiful quilts, and fun to have so many that love to quilt in your group.


  7. That's so great to be a part of so much creativity! Thanx for sharing.:)

  8. I want to play in the clubhouse. So many interesting and beautiful things going on there!

  9. The majority of the quilt projects have a rather spring look. The gals must be tired of winter.

  10. Wow, beautiful things getting done over there! I'm feeling a little guilty for slacking off over here!

  11. Paulette,

    Could you ask Sienna how she plans to finish those Trip Around the World blocks. In 1971 my Grandma was in the midst of making me a quilt when she passed away quite suddenly. I have over 30 blocks with raw edges and the squares themselves are postage stamp size. I would so much like to finish them but don't know how. All the directions were in her head. Thanks, Daisy