Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quilting Over the Miles…

I’m happy  to report that the quilters back home are holding down the fort and are quilting/sewing like mad fiends!

Claire’s Homespun Houses are now FINISHED (doors and windows are all embroidered and on!!) so now comes the fun part…prepping the vines, leaves, berries and stars that circle this quilt!  It is going to be STUNNING!!claire house done

And just LOOK at what Delores made for Kassidy, her grand- daughter!!  It’s a bean bag chair and a smaller version for Kassidy’s American Girl Doll, Marie Claire!!  I didn’t even know you could MAKE bean bag chairs!!  I have a lot to learn about being a grandma!


Now how cute is this!!  Both are made from pink stretchy denim and stuffed with those staticy beans!


So glad these two ladies are keeping busy and staying out of trouble…that is until I get back home!! 

Hope you have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Every time I see one of these Homespun Houses I want to run out and buy fabric and make one myself! Someday.......

    Your little monkey quilt is adorable. I like the last verse a lot better than the way I learned it.

    Congrats to your friend, Sandy. Does she know how addictive quilting is???

  2. Kassidy LOVED the Bean Bag chair! The only problem - her 3 yr. old brother loves it too! Do I see another one in my future??

  3. Oh your homespun houses turned out lovely!!!

  4. That is something I have never made, thought I did make a big bear for my son when he was little. It was long and flat so he could lie on it.


  5. Wonderful houses.

    Grit from Germany

  6. I love those house quilts, that's beautiful already 7 still in progress. Those beanie bags are just so great, and good for American Girl to have her own!

  7. Beautiful houses! Love the plaid fabrics you have used. Very inspiring.