Monday, March 4, 2013

LAST of the Spring Fling Shop Hop…

OK…we are still travelling from shop to shop…let’s get ‘er done!

Next stop was the Cherry Berry Quilt Shop…(cute name, hey)!  It use to be the Quiet Mouse QS but new owners changed the name…love it!!  Cherry Berry is a name you remember…Quiet Mouse not so much…I always thought RAT before I got to Mouse and then had to remember that the Mouse was Quiet…and they I wondered WHY they called it that???  Was the place overrun with mice??  Cherry Berry sounds fun and lively…hip and happening…! 

Cherry Berry lived up to it’s name…I really enjoyed this shop…lots to look at and appreciate…and even managed to buy several yards of Wool and Needle Flannel… none of the red or black that I was looking for…but some nice beiges and browns that were calling my name!


Loved the fabric banners throughout the shop…


And there was a very pretty baby quilt on the wall.  Several of our quilters bought the kit.  Dang cute!


The quilting was lovely!


And I HAD to take a picture of this quilt as Sandy bought the kit…and it’s always nice to have pictures of the real deal!


How cute is this bag…and if you look closely you will see a fork and spoon charm hanging from it!


A lovely strip quilt…which was taught as a class.

P1220599Sandy bought the pattern and fabric (Harvest Moon) to make a Queen size of this beauty!


Loved the wool applique on this spring quilt!



They had done up the Free Fabric to look like suckers!  How cute!


We are almost finished…I didn’t take pictures at Monica’s Quilt Shop…its just not my cup of tea.  I can never see anything to buy either in fabric or patterns, I find their staff not friendly and if I remember correctly they said no to pictures last year……:o)  Man…sour grapes or what? :o}

BUT this lady was sitting in Monica’s back classroom…and she had WONDERFUL quilts and was selling her patterns…I can’t remember her name or the name of her design label and she wouldn’t let me take pictures of her patterns or quilts…so this is all you get!  It’s all a secret!!


She was demonstrating how to crochet fabric into Rag Rugs! 


Last stop was Quilter’s Faire…this shop is nice and open and light and airy…with a lovely chandelier in the middle of the shop…and the staff is very friendly!P1210718

They had a pillowcase for charity challenge happening…


Love this quilt…


So there you have it…another Spring Fling DONE!  Our favourite shop was ‘Stars and Scraps’, followed by new comer ‘Painted Lady’…and running close behind was ‘Quilter’s Cocoon’!

One of my readers asked to see the Free Fabric which each shop generously gave to each quilter as they entered their shop …a Monet panel square and a coordinating Fat Eighth.


Thank YOU to all the participating shops!!  We had a blast, spent too much money, had a wonderful lunch and had some serious quality time with the ‘girls’…PRICELESS!!  I can’t wait till next year…SAME TIME, SAME PLACES…be there or be square!

And a HUGE thank you to Siena and Jerry (Gwen’s husband) for manning the wheel and braving those crazy California Freeways!!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That baby quilt is adorable. I have the fabric with australian baby animals, so I need to design around that, but thinking of adding an applique with the baby alligator since it will be a boy.


  2. Hi Paulette,

    I found the same thing at Monica's when I went there several years ago. They seemed not to have time for someone new in the shop but were all over people I perceived as regular.

    But at Quilter's Faire, they were very friendly and helpful made you feel part of their community. In fact I still get their newsletter and keep up with what is happening in the shop.

    Thanks for sharing the Monett fabrics and fat quarters, it will be interesting to see what is created with them.

  3. Another lovely hop...I live vicariously through your enjoyment and enthusiasm! Thanks for some great pics!

  4. Have so enjoyed your spring fling shopping tour. Such a wonderful article. Thank you for sharing.

  5. So happy you took pictures. My husband and I went on the hop Friday and didn't think to take any. Lots of inspiration for sure. No comment on Georgia's shop in Beaumont?