Sunday, March 3, 2013

Double Your Pleasure,Double Your FUN…

Sorry folks…but we are STILL on the Spring Fling Shop Hop…I thought I would speed things along by doubling up on the shops…

This was a much anticipated stop…the ‘Painted Lady Quilt Shop’…(aka The Calico Horse)…I have wanted to go to this shop all winter but just didn’t make it…except for that one Monday when they were closed!  I must say I was pleasantly surprise…VERY surprise!  Although ‘Painted Lady’ doesn’t have the stock that the Calico Horse had, they do continue to sell Civil War Fabrics and popular lines of newly released Fabrics and at  a reasonable price…AND they had a huge sale section that blew my socks off!!


Same set up as Calico Horse…P1220577

Plenty of patterns and gorgeous quilts adorned the walls…


Screeech!!  Do YOU see what I see??  Fabric on sale for $5.00 a yard!!  And it was nice fabric too!!


And lots of it too…!  Some of the fabric was even $4.00 a yard!  Unheard of at the other shops!


Yup…we all loved the ‘Painted Lady Quilt Shop’ in Redlands and vowed to return…and soon!!

Then it was off to the Busy Bee Quilt Shop in Calimesa…


Very nice shop!  Big and open with lots of eye candy!


Check out the large scrappy hexagon quilt that we were all drooling over…


LOOK at the back…like having a reversible quilt!  Loved it!


We also loved the baby section…where there was tons of sweet ideas for quilts, and bags and burp cloths!


So there you have it…two more shops crossed off the list!  Tomorrow we will finish off the hop…hope you are up to it!?

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun....I'm sure glad there is sun somewhere in California......we are having rain up here in the Nothern part of the State.....

  2. Wonderful shop and fun to shop with friends. I like how they did the hexagon back, I have seen that and it really does make a nice finish.


  3. Yes, that is a great clearance price, hope you stocked up.

  4. Wow-I'd of bought lots of the $5 fabric---did you?

  5. Oh! How nice view!!
    I would like to go there!! :D

  6. I would have loved to join you, the shops look fabulous!!