Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Spring Fling…

As you may recall, my friend Sandy won a $50 dollar spending spree at ‘Cherry Berry Quilts’…SEW yesterday was the day to go and help her spend the money..and guess WHO forgot her camera…ME!!  Dang!

We had a blast…after ‘Cherry Berry’s’ we also had to hit ‘The Painted Lady Quilt Shop’…AND somehow we all ended up with a bag of loot of our own!  WHAT’S with that??

AND why is it that I always end up with a bag of the same colours of fabric…I didn’t MEAN to pick reds, golds and greens…but that’s what I always come home with!  I just can’t help myself!

Check out my loot…P1220657

I was shopping with this pattern in mind…Jan Patek’s ‘Spring Fling’


And did manage to find the soft pale greens…they look beige here but the middle fabrics are all a soft Spring green…


Then throw in the red for the birdhouses…dark green for the plants, gold/brown for the beehive…


…and YIKES…you have got my colours!  NOW I know why I love this pattern!

All in all, we had a great day…and Sandy was THRILLED with her bag of fabric…which strangely looked VERY similar to mine…and yes, it looks like we are going to be making the SAME quilt!  :o))))  Stay tuned…

Have a VERY FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Those are my kind of fabrics. I made "Spring Fling" last spring. I don't think it is quilted though.

  2. Very nice buys and i do like the spring quilt, would like to do a simple one with a bird and vase type.


  3. Ooooo...your new fabrics are perfect for that pattern! Love it!

  4. Great colors and that quilt is in my pile of quilts for the spring - of course a little wool here and there as well lol.
    Hugs - karen

  5. I do that too, always end up with the same little pile of colors! Unless of course it's a major fat quarter sale and then I step out of my box a little bit more.:)

  6. OH my, those soft greens are a wonderful palette. Just beautiful!

  7. Oh I am drooling over those fabrics and that pattern , love them !

  8. You can go fabric shopping for me any time, I'd be coming home with the same choices.