Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Woolie Wednesday…

My friend, Claire is such a BAD influence!!  Whenever she orders ANYTHING online, she emails me to let me know…just incase I want something too!  Most of the time I stick my fingers in my ears and say blah, blah…BLAH!  But this time it didn’t work…she sent PICTURES!!

So we ordered WOOL…gorgeous, soft, luxurious  wool from Melvina’s shop…Hollyhock Hills Designs. Now I have blogged about Melvina’s shop before…she has the BEST DEALS for the nicest wool!  (Past post HERE!) 


I am always looking for greens…and browns…and just look at this striped RED!!  Love TEXTURED wools!!


BUT…it’s that rose coloured finely checked wool that I am drooling over…YUM!!

P1180428   So Claire and I ordered half yard cuts…then we cut them each in half…and split the shipping.  Cost of 1/4 yd. was only $4.50 each!!  You would pay way MORE for one little, wee piece of wool in the wool shops!!  Trust me, I KNOW!  So what do I say?…a loud and enthusiastic… “SCORE!!”  (Apparently, Claire knows best!!)

So if your NEED wool…and even if you don’t(:o)…head on over to Hollyhock Hills…and take a friend or two!!  It’s the only way to shop!! 

Have a WOOLIE Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I am glad I was able to stock up on dollar days at the thrifts. More work to cut and dye, but a big savings. I am in need of colors though, so time to dye.


  2. OOO, your wools are so pretty. I love that red one.

  3. Awesome wool store! I'm going to have to go shopping :-)
    Thanks for the link!

  4. Every time I see wool like that I think that I will start working with it, but I haven't yet. Its just a matter of time, though. It is such a beautiful fabric!

  5. Very pretty - Claire is such an enabler, lol!