Friday, May 18, 2012

Garage Sale Finds…

Just a quickie this morning…as I am off on a Bus excursion with the Heritage Quilters!  There is a Quilt Show in Parksville this weekend so of course we are packing a bus and saling  off to the show, ‘Seasons by the Sea’ is this years’ theme!!

But before I go, I thought you’d like to see what I scored a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale…

I’m not sure WHAT it is but I’m calling it’s a Quilt Rack…shelf and quilt hanger…


I had Hubby hang it in the dining room…and must say it looks great!  (better in real life…if you know what I mean.)P1180514

Yup…quilts are slowly taking over the whole house…it’s like an invasion…but a good one!!

So for a grand total of $3, I think I did OK…the quilt rack was $2 and the wreath was $1! 


SEW..I’m off to the QS… “STOP THE BUS!!” 

This is a FIRST for me…going with a bunch of Quilters ON A BUS…I have gone on tons of Fieldtrips with Grade One rug rats…wonder if there will be any similarities… NOW there is a scary thought!

Can’t you see it?  “Jenny put that needle away!!  You might hurt someone!”  “No drinking on the bus!”  “Mary, please…no hanging out the window!  AND PUT that cigarette OUT??”  “Sue, Anne and Sandy, when you laugh PLEASE don’t cackle and snort!”  “What do you need to use a bathroom?”  Yes, I can see it all now…and “NO, we are not there yet!”


Hope you have a Fun Friday too and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a fabulous garage sale find! Have fun on your bus trip.

  2. A bus trip with quilters is surely going to keep you in stitches the entire day. hee,hee,hee.
    Love your quilt rack! Pretty!

  3. Hi Paulette, I hope you survive the bus trip! A very good friend of my retired last year and she was a Kindergarten teacher, who has had many trips on buses with the darling rug rats. She never went anywhere without several buckets and lots of moist wipes and water! Last month she was on a bus trip with people of her own age and said it was no different to being with the rug rats! In fact she said renamed them "Seat Seniors"! It did make me laugh but they were as demanding as the young ones!! Have a great weekend Susie x

  4. Everything is as what you use it for! lol! Your garage sale find is a gorgeous quilt rack! Love the quilt too! Can hardly wait to hear about the bus trip and all the laughs and goodies!

  5. Wish I was on the bus with you guys!! I'll have to satisfy myself with a stop at the quilt shop in Newport - yup, we're still heading south! Have fun!

  6. Greetings from Kamloops: ) I love yard sales! Beautiful pictures

  7. how unusual and wonderful! Great score! The name of the quilt show is lovely! I can't wait for a slide show!

  8. Don't forget to do a head count when you all board the bus to come home - don't want to leave anyone behind! I was thinking of going up to that quilt show but when I realized it was on the long weekend I wasn't sure about dealing with all the traffic mayhem on the Malahat. Take pictures for us OK. Thanks. Sharon

  9. You did better than did great. Enjoy your bus trip...the last one I went on the bus driver got lost...imagine that!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Hey! Have a great day, you are going to a Quilt Show! In Parksville!
    Wave to my aunt and uncle, they live about 5 miles from the Community Centre.
    It is only about 1.5 hrs on the freeway, unless you get really lucky and stop in Chemanis and in Ladysmith and in Nanaimo and in Parksville at the Quilt Shops too!
    Wish I was there....
    buy something for you ,,,
    Take care, Leslie

  11. What a fun find and it does look wonderful with a quilt on it.


  12. I can hear it now...."99 bottles of Best Press on the wall, 99 bottles of Best Press, you take one down, pass it around...."

    Have a great time, and yes you got a great score - that quilt looks marvelous hanging there!!!