Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Remember…Way Back…..

Yesterday, I finished these two little WOOL blocks.  If you can remember…way back… these blocks were free patterns given out by Granola Girl during a Home for the Holidays Blog Hop…a few years ago.


I LOVED these two blocks…they evoked such images of my childhood Christmases.  Going out into the woods in our little Datsun truck, cutting down a WILD tree and bringing it home to decorate!  Ahhh the good old days.


There were originally three blocks in this series…all a gift from Granola Girl.  The third block was a wild turkey…but wild turkeys don’t live around here so I didn’t stitch it.  Alas..lots of human turkeys but no real turkeys!

‘They’ say arrangements should always be in odd numbers…SEW I have been racking my brain to come up with a third block…but nothing is as meaningful as the first two…so I think I will stop here…at two…and break the ODD rule!

I have some old barn wood frames that might work with these…I will hold auditions later today!

SEW..I wonder what happened to Granola Girl?  She seems to have stopped blogging and I miss her…She had great pictures of the great outdoors..in particular birds and wildlife. She also showed quilts/pennies of her unique woodsy designs.  Her patterns really reminded me of around here…with the fir and cedar trees and all the wild life…minus the turkey of course!

I also wonder what happened to Datsun trucks…?  NOW there’s a mystery…

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Such sweet blocks! I love the truck. I had a Datsun car years ago. Good memories.

  2. Oh, yes. I remember the free patterns. Except I don't remember the turkey. I think two in frames will work. You can always use them in an arrangement of something else to get your odd number.

  3. Ya know...what did happen to Granola Girl??? It is kinda like the Guy Who Quilts...he is going to reveal where the heck he has been soon. I love the blocks and can't wait to see the frames!

  4. Sweet blocks! They look lovely!

  5. Love your blocks! So nice to have such wonderful memories !

  6. How sweet to have such pretty handwork to bring back good memories! Very nice!

  7. Adorable blocks Paulette...My wool piece arrived today. Thank you so very much for that. I love it...I posted a pic of it on my coffee table...you must have a peek.

    Thanks again.

  8. I remember those!!! I love them! I wonder what happened to her too, I see her website is still up.

  9. Those are fun blocks and a shame she is not around, hope she is ok.


  10. Datsun became Nissan, but I think I heard a rumour that Datsun may be coming back.

    I have those patterns on my to do list, you've done a great job Paulette.

  11. These are such gorgeous cushions.

  12. Two wool blocks from Granola Girl would make nice Christmas stockings...one for you and one for Mr P or keep aside for future grandbabies!