Monday, May 21, 2012

What?…it’s FREE?

Well… NO phone call yesterday…so I guess that means that I didn’t win one of those magnificent quilts from the Parksville’s quild raffle!  Somewhere ‘out there’ are three very excited and thrilled winners! 

Sew to appease myself I went hunting for the ‘Quilted Village’ Pattern designed by Janet Miller.  My thoughts were..if I can’t win it, then I can make it!P1180519

I found it …BUT would you believe that the pattern is $66 for this small 57”X60” quilt!  OUCH!!  Too rich for this poor quilter’s quilting budget…darn!  Oh well…this quilt was not meant to be…

BUT there are PLENTY of patterns out there that I can afford…like this new one from Thimble Blossoms!!  I have always wanted to make a spools quilt…and just LOOK at this one!  I love the way the colours on the spools look like thread AND look at how the spools are stacked…like they are going to come tumbling down at any minute!!  Love this quilt!


You can find this pattern Here and for only $7.95!  Now THAT I can afford!

OR you can go to Lecien’s Free Pattern site and pick up these two wonderful patterns for absolutely NOTHING!!  YUP, you heard me…nada…

A Lynette Anderson Designs ‘Christmas Wishes’ for FREE!!  Unheard of!


This is another FREE pattern designed by Joe Woods (Piece by Piece Quilts).  I love house quilts!


The colours in this quilt don’t crank my engine but I LOVE the pattern…use your imaginations…don’t you SEE the potential?!  Look at the wee houses on the corners and the picket fence all around!  Yes, this could be a stunner!!

Have you gone to Lecien Free Pattern site…there are LOTS of wonderful pattern here!  Com’on get off that couch and GO!!

So you see, if you’re like me and can’t/won’t pay the BIG bucks for a pattern there are tons of options for us!!  Thanks Lucien, and Henry Glass and Fat Quarter Shop and Connecting Threads …and all the generous blogging designers who are constantly handing out your designs for FREE!!  We appreciate YOU…we REALLY do!!  A HUGE THANK YOU ALL!!

If you are Canadian, I hope you all have a wonderful Victoria Day…and if you’re not…I hope you have an extra marvelous, magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Happy Victoria Day!
    I love free patterns and there are a lot of them out there, so nice for those of use who like to save where we can.


  2. Happy Victoria Day! Gee... I thought making it $5 per month was going to sway you! lol! ;-) "Doesn't crank my engine"! lol! Thanks so much for all the links to free patterns! The Henry Glass house one looks to be like something I might try! Sorry you didn't win one of those quilts...

  3. Free patterns are awesome, thanks for all the links!

    Happy Victoria Day! Here in the US, we will have a holiday next Monday for Memorial Day... hoping for a day full of sewing on my day off!

  4. Thanks so much for posting this link. I have hit most of the fabric manufacture's sites, but I 'd missed this one and it's to good to miss!

  5. Happy Holiday!!
    Yep, I'm more the $8 pattern kind of kid too. I'm sure designing a pattern is really tough work, but $66 each..well how many quilters CAN afford it?

    I am currently doing crazy quilt blocks. I'm not sure I'd be very good at matching up all those little seams like you do. ~lol~
    xx, Carol

  6. I love that house quilt too, but the cost would stop me from buying it. I have made a similar house quilt by The Rabbit Factory called Around the Block and I was posting about it on my blog. If you visit my blog you might have to go back past the March posts. It is done now and ready to quilt, but I have busy in the garden and not gotten to that part yet. I am also not quite sure how I want to quilt it. Thinking that part through always takes me a while. I FMQ on my Janome and have done quite a few quilts, but still feel nervous till I just get going then there will be no stopping me.

    I also found a cute spool pattern that was also free called "Le Petit Mercerie", I think it was on the Lecien website. I like it because you strip piece the thread and there is even thread coming off the spool so a little more detail. Cute!

  7. Enjoy the holiday. And free is good. I have a surprise for you.

  8. Happy Victoria Day!
    I love anything free. Love the spools quilt too. The fabrics really make it cute and I like the way they are toppeling.

  9. Thank you for posting this free pattern site. I had missed this one. $66 for a pattern is out of my $ range too!

    Happy Victoria Day!

  10. If you shop ebay- try Luv 2 Stitch Pattern Store. Free shipping and all patterns are a few $$ less than regular prices.
    Thanks for sharing the free patterns links :)

  11. I was just at Lecien's site last night, lol! Thank goodness for free patterns, is all I can say...I don't know why this trend toward outrageously priced patterns is picking up speed, but I hate it.

  12. Do you speak spanish?
    Lecien has a Beautiful free applique Bom.

    The last pattern I bought was a case kit.I paid 8 Euros!

    Have a wonderful weel!!

  13. Oh I do LOVE that spool quilt! I just may have to get that pattern for myself! :0)

  14. The spools are very cute! I love the house quilts you have shown.

  15. Thanks so much for all the links to free patterns! $66 for a pattern is out of my $ range too! I love the Lynette Anderson Designs pattern ... and it's free! Have a nice week end! A hug!