Friday, May 4, 2012

The Cloth Castle Quilt Shop… about a 35 minute drive, south from where I live…over a little mountain pass called the Malahat.  It has been a landmark of the Langford scene for the past 40+ years, so Sylvia and her family must be doing something right!  That’s right, it’s a family run business that specializes in sewing, quilting, knitting and home decor fabrics… they have everything a sewer, quilter, knitter and home decorator would need and then some…even the sewing machines to ‘get’er done!

Let me take you on a quick tour…lots of quilts hanging all over the place…P1180307

Every possible spot has a quilt hanging…don’t you just love this one…check out the huge paperclips for skate blades!


Go ahead and wander…the staff won’t mind…


Lots to see…up high…P1180290

Eye candy ever where you look!


Love this sweet little Holiday Cheer quilt…simple but VERY effective! 

P1180293 P1180294

If you are a knitter than THIS is the room for you!

P1180295 P1180299 P1180300 P1180301

And lots to see down low…Look at that sweet Hexie table topper!!


Patterns and books galore!


An oh, so soft minky quilt…


A GO! friendly quilt…can’t you see this one made up using Civil War Scraps?!


Pretty nice, hey! And the staff is friendly, nice, helpful and VERY knowledgeable and have worked there forever-if they’re not family, then they should be! 

If you should happen to prepared to be overwhelmed as this shop has EVERYTHING…but don’t be afraid to ask the staff for help.  The staff would love to help you find whatever it is you need!  Didn’t I just tell you how nice they are…SEW go ahead and put it to the test!

There you have it…you can now say that you have been to the Cloth Castle…located on the main street of lovely Langford…just a short hop, skip and a drive North of Victoria.  And don’t forget to tell them Sweet P sent you!

I have a busy day planned..this morning it’s a quick coffee with Claire at Starbucks, then we’re off to the Victoria Guild’s Quilt Show at Pearke’s Arena…maybe we’ll see you there!!  If not…don’t worry I’ll be taking my camera!

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I'll bet you stayed in there for a looooong time, huh? I love the holiday cheer quilt too!

  2. Thank for the shop hop! and I can't wait for the quilt show! I love the holiday cheer quilt, so sweet.

  3. Oh wow, what a great shop. (The kind that makes one spend lots of $$). LOL You are lucky to have that shop to shop at.

  4. The Cloth Castle also has an awesome bargain tower upstairs - bargains galore.

    Thanks for reminding me about the quilt show. I live close to Pearkes Arena so no excuse for not going!

  5. I don't want to see snowmen, I am still waiting for spring, lol.


  6. That looks like another great shop! I hope you had a great day, I'm looking forward to the pics!

  7. Hi Sweet P its is great to see this type of post.Yes you may pay a little more but theses are the type of stores that make you feel like family.This is my shop and I can get some great deals you just have to watch and get the coupons!