Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Victoria Quilt Show…

Ooops!  I’m falling down on the job…AGAIN!!  So fire me!! haha…The Victoria Guild Quilt Show was over a week ago but…I was asleep at the wheel and forgot to show you THE QUILTS (I mean REALLY, it’s all about the vendors…RIGHT??)…BUT better late than never is my motto!

There were many lovely quilts but these are my TOP TEN PICKS!  So pour yourself a coffee and enjoy the show…

I am totally into ‘houses’ these days, so this one, of course, caught my eye!  Very nice!


Lots to look at with this quilt…the shadow star and the diagonal line…both add dimension and colour to this quilt.


I really liked the quilting on this quilt…


Simple but very effective!


This quilt was gorgeous…what I REALLY liked was the wee nine patch on point sashing!  Loved it!


Who doesn’t love snowmen…how cute is this one!!


A wonderful Crazy Quilt made from all kinds of fabric…note the border…just lovely!


All hand stitched…perfection!


It was the hand quilting that made this quilt sing!  An heirloom for sure! 


Loved the richness of this quilt and the chain of wee blocks running through the centre!  Kind of reminds me of a favourite sweater that I once had…wonder what happened to it?


Beautiful…one of Edyta Sitar’s designs (Laundry Basket Quilts)..all hand appliquéd and machine quilted. 


A Clam Shell Quilt with a little twist…the clam shell is split down the middle!  Making a Clam Shell quilt is on my Bucket List…this one sure would use up all those small scraps…

P1180384 It’s all hand quilted…beautiful!!


This was my personal favourite of the show…I loved the blue/grey pinwheels, the appliquéd vines and the punch of colour in each corner!  And it’s totally do-able!!

P1180386 OK…Did you notice??  I cheated there are REALLY eleven quilts in the show…I miss counted and couldn’t decide which quilt got the axe…I hope you didn’t mind the one extra!  Think of it as getting an extra scoop of ice cream on your banana split!  (Can you tell that I have started another diet?)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Lovely show. I'm glad you put in 11 rather than 10 (smile)!

  2. I went to a Quilt show last week too. I couldn't narrow it down to 10 or 11. I posted I think about 20+. Had to small size them to fit two in a column. Thanks for sharing, Sweet P, better late than never always!

  3. Fantastic! Do they have the show every year? Do you know the date for 2013? The crazy quilt is amazing!

  4. I always love quilt show photos!!!

  5. Wonderful show and I like the chain quilt with the appliqué on the inside blocks. I have seen some lately and like the idea of doing something like that.


  6. Oh my! All of these are so beautiful! I'd love to give a try at stitching the pinwheel quilt... with that same color way... and Edyta's (design) quilt looks fabulous with those fabrics... I just love quilts that combine piecing and applique! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I vote for the quilt with the blue background though there is another applique quilt that is a close second.

  8. What a beautiful display of quilts! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Beautiful quilts- thanks for sharing! I especially loved yesterday's post with your time with Maggie!! Sounds wonderful and the pictures are gorgeous!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! The views from her apartment are stunning and the weather looked beautiful!! Happy for you!!:)