Friday, May 11, 2012

Coupon Fantasies…

SEW yesterday, clutching my 30% off coupon (the one I received from The Cloth Castle Quilt Shop at last week’s Quilt Show) I had flashbacks of going to JoAnn’s, in Palm Desert, CA…awww yes…I remember her well!  Clutching those coupons, the Clubhouse Quilters heading for a day of fun at JoAnn’s…with maybe a little lunch on the side…awww yes…I remember it well…sigh…the good ol’days!  I wonder how JoAnn is doing without us?  Is she missing us, as much as we are missing her?  Probably….

{POP!}  I digress in my fantasies…let’s get back to the Cloth Castle and my 30%off coupon…:o{}

Bet you are dying to know what I used that 30% off coupon on?  Let me give you a hint…it starts with a ‘G and ends with an O! Now put them together… what have you GO!T?  

Yup…the ol’lady is getting lazy with this one!!  Just LOOK at this die…with one layer of fabric and a turn of the handle I can get 12 HST…ears cut off and everything!  With FOUR layers of fabric I can get 48 HST…in 15 minutes of cutting I can be up to my knees in HST!!  AND did I mention the 30% off?!  {…insert happy dance here…}P1180457

I also picked up a package of “No Melt Mylar Template Plastic”.  I bought some of this ‘down south’ this year and for the life of me I CANNOT find it!  Now that I have replaced it, I’m sure the ‘lost package’ will fall into my lap!


This stuff works great for appliqué…cut out one template for whatever shape you are appliquéing and you won’t have to cut out another one!  It does not lose it’s shape with use!  The starch method for appliqué always distorts the freezer paper after reusing it a few times.  Not so with this No Melt Mylar Plastic…and it doesn’t melt…which is also VERY helpful!

P1180458    And of course after I was finished at the Cloth Castle, I HAD to go to the Thrift Shop next door!  My big finds were THREE Best of Bridge Cookbooks….my all time favourite cookbooks.


They are going to be a little gift for my daughter….she took a cooking lesson last weekend so thought she might appreciate these…if not…she can donate them to her local thrift shop!  It’s all good!

This weekend is Mother’s Day so tomorrow I am taking the first ferry over to Vancouver for a little Mother/Daughter quality time. I won’t be returning until Sunday afternoon…so the blogging world will have to do without this Mama for a few days!  :o)

I hope you have a Fun Friday, Super Saturday and a Sunny Sunday…but more importantly, a VERY Happy Mother’s Day WEEKEND!!~P


  1. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day in Vancouver. It looks like it's going to be a lovely, sunny weekend. I'm sure you have lots of fun things scheduled. Granville Island is a great place for strolling around in the sunshine, also walking the seawall. Happy Mother's Day P, and have fun!

  2. Whatever will we do without you????
    Hey, have a good time.

  3. Happy Mothers day - we already had ours in the UK, hope you enjoy yours :) Would love to have a review of the Go triangle die when you've had a play with it as I am tempted but wonder how accurate they turn out when sewn up.

  4. That is a handy die to have, but I have been doing the sewing and then cutting method of making triangles, works nice for me, but then you have to know what you are doing before you start.


  5. Yep, that would be a very handy die!!! It's on my list as is the GO! Have a great weekend Paulette, Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Happy Mom Day! I love my discount coupons and what a fabulous buy! I'm bringing my squares to your house!

  7. I have been trying to resist getting a Go...hmmm!!! I am so tempted! Happy Mother's Day.

  8. I will keep my eyes open for that die! I hope you're having a great visit with your daughter! That sounds like a wonderful time together. My daughter was here yesterday with her boyfriend and we went up by the lake. Had fresh perch sandwiches and french fries by the lake and had a great visit. Nothing compares to mother/daughter time even if the guys tag along!:) Have fun and Happy Mother's Day! :)