Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thoughts for Tuesday…

For the last couple of days I have been sewing up a storm…IN MY HEAD!  I do that a lot!  In reality, not so much!

While visions of quilts and projects dance around in my head..here is the hard, cold reality of what I have been actually doing~  

Yup…painting!!  I hate it…it’s a dirty, stinking, messy job BUT it has got to get done!


So what am I painting…?  It is the bedroom that is located on the main floor of our house…and it will hopefully…if all goes well…become my NEW SEWING ROOM!!

I am a messy painter…see the newspaper up above?  That is usually how the whole floor looks…but we are ripping out that ugly green carpet and we will eventually put down wood laminate…so I don’t care if paint goes on the carpet…BUT I do care if it goes on the vertical blinds!

Last time I painted this room, I taped newspaper around the blinds…what an ordeal!  The paper kept ripping and falling off…I had paint all over the place…and the newspaper literally STUCK to the wall…but I saw this idea on Pinterest (I LOVE Pinterest!!)…Wrap it with aluminum foil…it took two seconds…it STAYS…I quickly put tape around the join lines and Presto…it did the trick…it stays in place, doesn’t come apart, doesn’t rip or dissolve when the paint hits…LOVE THIS IDEA!! 

P1180638 So the ceiling has been painted and the Primer has been done…


Now for the walls…YIKES!!  Sure looks blue to me!!  Blue is not my colour…I have three daughters…only pink has ever entered this house!!  I wouldn’t know what to do with BLUE…but blue it is!  See those blinds wrapped in foil…well there is a faint blue stripe on them..hence the blue!  Blue is my new colour to love!!


And love it I will…well…maybe I’ll love it after the second coat…?


What I AM loving is all this natural light…even on a grey, rainy, perfect for painting kind of day!!  Copy of P1180639  And when I finish painting, I think I’m going to have to do something with this corner of the yard…why does one job always lead to another job?? 

So while I apply the second coat of my new favourite colour (and daydream about blue quilts), I hope you are having a better than terrific Tuesday…oh and Happy ACTUAL Quilting!~P


  1. It looks like a lovely shade of blue to me! A couple years ago we painted Emily's room blue (her choice, not mine) and it's actually very pretty! :0)

  2. OOO, I like that blue. After getting my "chair that is to die for" I have selected a delicate shade of iced blue for the two painted walls in my living room. I'm not sure when I'll paint yet though. Our weather has been so terrific I haven't wanted to be inside. I am a fabulously neat painter and rarely get a drop on the floor. My husband is always amazed. and I HATE to have anyone help me do the job.

    I am always dreaming of sewing too, mostly when I am at work. The older I get, the harder it is to be here!!

    Yes, I know that one project leads to another deal...we call it Terry's Honey Do list ~lol~
    xx, Carol

  3. You are braver than me, lol.
    My idea of color is what shade of white I will use;)


  4. Not a very fun project...but will be lovely when you are finished! Reward yourself "BIG TIME" when it is all done.

    :) Carolyn

  5. Hi Paulette I hate painting too but it has to be done! Our next job over the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend will be painting our kitchen, den and laundry. We have to do all three was they are really one big room. I hate doing it as the kitchen is so fiddly. I love the colour you have painted your new sewing room, it reminds me of the Martha Stewart signature colour. Hope the rest of the decorating goes well. Susie x

  6. Oh, I like the shade of blue. I wish you were painting a room in my house.

  7. Love the colour!!! Yippee for a new sewing room!

  8. My sewing room is that blue, too! (I raised three sons, but blue is not my color either. My husband says that turquoise doesn't count as blue.) Have fun! It's so much fun to have a new space!

  9. I hate painting!!! I used to love it but now that I'm older I'm not as nimble as I used to be, lol. It looks like a lovely shade, hon, good for you!

  10. I hate painting too...it's like moving house...but it will be worth it.
    looks like you picked a lovely cool restfull colour..
    Julia ♥

  11. I hate painting...but your room is going to look lovely once it's done. I think the color looks nice.

  12. I have painted every room in this house....some of them more than once. And I hate the job. But it has to be done. I have now said that I will never paint another room. However, I did buy some gorgeous yellow paint for the front door. Shhh don't tell my husband! By the way, that blue is beautiful.

  13. I love the blue!! Will look nice for your sewing room! I don't like painting either and I'm usually the one doing the dirty job!:) I'm starting work on my sewing room also. Turning an extra bedroom into my room. Still not exactly sure what I'm doing but getting some ideas.:)