Saturday, May 26, 2012


Last night I had leftovers!  Don’t you just LOVE leftovers…yum!

Here they are…they are the triangles that were leftover from the houses…(you have to cut the corners off to form the peaks.)  Well I’m not going to throw these babies away!!  No sirreee sir!


So I trimmed them…P1180695Then I played…


Sweet hey!! Today, I’m hoping to stitch these little babies together for a little leftover concoction…stay tuned!

Hubby has been away (his aunt passed away, so he is off to Winnipeg..and I am left at home with the dogs.)…hence all this guilt free quilting!  Yesterday I went looking for a replacement hiker (the dogs aren’t happy with a quickie around the neighbourhood any more!!  sheesh!)…and lookie who I found!!

Remember Sandy, my RVing buddy from down south?   I roped her into going for a hike in the woods…P1180693

Here she is, enjoying the views at the end of the trail..and she didn’t even break a sweat!  Next time I’m picking trails with a little more incline!! heeheee


We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area with hundreds of trails to chose from!  It’s always a miracle when you can find your way back…many of the trails aren’t marked very well so I put down markers all the time to keep from getting lost!!


I also wear a whistle so that I can play a not-so-happy tune for any bears or cougars in our path!  Lately I have noticed several hikers wearing bear bells!  I do have a Christmas Wreath with big jingle bells on it…I could just slip that around my neck and it would make a heck of a racket…yeah…that’s what I’ll wear NEXT time!

Anyways that was yesterday…today I am off GSing…wish me luck!!  No whistles or bells needed here…just a few bucks!

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oh Paulette, to run into you on the trail with the wreath around your neck, I would fall down laughing and become bear bait!

  2. You are having way too much fun while Rick is away!

  3. Yum, those are lovely leftovers! I like it when something lucious comes out of leftovers! I will wave to hubby, I am only 200 km from Winnipeg!
    Take care, Leslie

  4. I just bought a new gizmo - the BLOC ruler, ( for squaring up halfsquare triangles - you'll have to try it when I get home.
    Have fun in my neighbourhood - hope you have as much luck as I did yesterday.

  5. Leftovers are great, and they make delicious little quilts. Hope you score again at all those garage sales. What a fun way to spend a wonderful, sunny Saturday. Good luck!

  6. Love what you did with the leftovers !Looks like a fun walk on those trails.

  7. Oh, yes, you have to keep those little triangles! Look at the fun, "free" quilt you have going, now!

  8. Isn't it nice to have time to ourselves and even if they won't admit it, the house is always cleaner and stays that way without them around, lol. I would love to go walking with you, wish I could.


  9. Gulp, so glad I don't have to worry about bears when I want a bush walk! What about the dogs, why don't they wear a bell? Loving the bonus HST, looking forward to seeing what you make. Happy quilting, Sue.

  10. looks like a beautiful trail to hike! and I love those homespun blocks!

  11. What a gorgeous, gorgeous place you live in! I would love to hike those trails with you. I would even wear matching bells. hee,hee,hee.
    Love your leftovers too.

  12. Oh, yes, you have to keep those little triangles! Look at the fun, "free" quilt you have going, now!