Sunday, May 6, 2012

It’s ALL about the BOOTHS!

As you know…Claire and I went to the Victoria Guild’s Quilt Show on Friday!  I know that it’s called a QUILT SHOW But for me it’s ALL about the vendors’ booths! 

I just HAVE to  take you on a tour of OUR favourite booth…


{Let me give you a bit of background…Hamel’s has a shop in Chilliwack, BC which is just outside Vancouver, on the mainland. I’ve NEVER GONE! They also have an online SHOP HERE.  OH.. I HAVE GONE!! :o) I love their online store because they have such good prices (US PRICES), they carry wonderful fabrics and they always have a deal happening…and did I mention that it’s a Canadian Shop?!!}

OK…now that you have the scoop on Hamel’s…let me take you through their booth…Yup…it’s busy but then all GOOD booths are, aren’t they!


Come on, squeeze in…you can do it!  Look at those quilts on the wall…!


Ahhh…that’s better…EVERY quilt on the wall has a kit below..just waiting to go home with me…or you…


Lots of Bargain Bundles…and they were BARGAINS too!


Here’s the nice lady who let me take the pictures! 


Eureka!!  JUST LOOK at this SNOWMAN quilt made out of the softest flannels…


Dang STINKING Cute!!


LOOK at those snowmen…they were all whimpering “Take me HOMMME with YOU!!  SAVE MEEEEEEE!”


They EVEN had Civil War Bargain Bundles!!


SEW much to look at…


Nothing like SEEING ‘Snow Days’ in REAL life!!  Magnificent!


And YES they had kits!


These Snow Pillows were incredibly sweet…


And look at all these adorable wee runners…all kitted …waiting to go home…


More snowmen…


Trying to take a picture of this snowman quilt…but instead I got a picture of Claire’s new shoes…NOW aren’t they adorable…PERFECT for Spring!


Ahhh…here they are!  This quilt isn’t quite finished but you get the idea…hey, I have this pattern!  BONUS!:o)


Almost MISSED this quilt!!  Isn’t it adorable…LOVE IT!!


You need a better look…it’s an ‘All Through the Night’ pattern by Bonnie Sullivan.


So there you have it!! 

Bet you are dying to know what followed me home…Well you know those puppies…those ones with the sad eyes?..Whining at me to take them home…SEW OK.. they weren’t exactly puppies, they were Snowmen but with the same idea… P1180406

And look at this kit…all that wonderfully soft flannel…and even the buttons to make those sad eyes…


If you want to rescue a snowman of your own…then just go to Hamel’s…they have a POUND full of them!!

Tomorrow I will show you another booth…just wait till you see what I RESCUED there!

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Yep! No surprise you got the snowman quilt. It's adorable. The name, Flaky Friends, cracks me up. Love it!!!

  2. Wow! That really IS a great booth... I'm working on the SNow Days quilt now... almost done with the embroidery and then the piecing will start... so, thanks for showing a pic of a finished snow days... I know it can be done! lol! So many adorable quilts in that booth I don't know how you managed only ONE kit? :-) I'll check out their online store later...

  3. Hamel's is my favorite booth at the Saskatoon Quilt Show too. Thanks for the 'tour'. I'm heading ove rot the online store right now!

  4. Paulette, you crack me up. You make the dullest things enjoyable. Not that going to vendor's booths is dull. So hard to pace your self and not spend all your money at once. Can't wait to see tomorrow's pictures.

  5. Thanks for the link to Hamel's, never heard of them before and they carry a huge variety of Moda Wovens for my prim quilts. Back to look some more.

  6. You're having too much fun, lol - can't believe you only got one kit! My what temptation.

  7. I'm in Love with the Warm Woolen Mittens one too!!! AND....FQS just $1.99?!!!!!

    Do you know who the pattern designer is for the Warm Woolen Mittens?

  8. That looks like a booth that I would love to visit, wonderful items and great prices, of course you have to get something;)


  9. I see why you like that booth, they have some really cute stuff!

  10. Well. I have to say that Hamel's is worth the trip. It is less than an half hour drive for me and they really have a lovely shop out in the country. Right beside them is a farm with a cheese shop too. Total bonus!

  11. What a time you had! I have ordered from Hamel's online shop for awhile what they have, so would have really loved to have visited their booth. Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

  12. What a great place & not surprised things followed you home lol
    Hugs Janice

  13. If you ever come out Chilliwack way, I'd be happy to help you find Hamel's! It's just 10 minutes from my home and my absolute favourite place to shop. Pauline (who let you take the pictures) is the owner and the sweetest person you could ever meet. Thanks for showcasing a wonderful shop!