Monday, May 14, 2012

Not ONE quilting Picture!!

If you are expecting to see quilting pictures this morning…STOP and go no further!!  This was a quilting free weekend!!  BUT if you want to see some pictures of beautiful downtown Vancouver then man, are you in the right place!!

On Saturday, I took the ferry over to Vancouver to spend quality time with my middle daughter, Maggie!  What a beautiful day it was!  Just look at the blue sky and SUNSHINE…specially ordered for our Mother’s Day weekend!  Here is a picture of one of the BC Ferries going in the opposite direction…beautiful or what!!

P1180467  I, of course, TOOK my Tupperware container of hand stitching…but alas the day was just too nice!  P1180497

I HAD to sit back and savour the views and sunshine…what a combination!!


When I go to Vancouver, I always catch the Pacific Coast Bus which I board right on the ferry and for about $20 it takes me right into the city.  Not this time…NO BUS!!  YIKES!!  (Breath deep into the brown paperbag!!  I am no city slicker..or world traveller for sure!!) So with a phone call to Maggie, I got the instructions on how to get from the terminal in Tsawwassen to downtown Vancouver using transit bus and Sky Train.  I was able to get to Vancouver about 3 times FASTER using these modes of transportation and it only cost me $2.50!!  What was I thinking…LOVED it!  So easy and the Sky Train let me off about one block form where Maggie lives!

Speaking of which…Maggie has a new apartment…here is the view from her balcony…spectacular!! 

P1180471  To the left…can you see that speck of blue?…it’s the water!


Let me zoom in…yup…it’s water alright!!  And look at the people on top of that building…If I lived here, I would be getting a telescope for sure…haha

P1180474Later in the day we passed this building.  It’s the new library and it is a very impressive building!   I love the way several of these buildings have gardens on the roof tops!P1180477 P1180478

Maggie also lives near BC Place…their huge sports stadium.  It’s the statues of Terry Fox that got my full attention! 


There are four statues depicting Terry’s ‘hop, skip and jump’ gait while in the motion of running.  Loved it!!


So our Saturday consisted mainly of shopping the little shops in downtown Vancouver…nice to look but I didn’t buy!  Then we stopped for a lovely lunch, followed by more shopping…then late in the afternoon we had a surprise pedicure that was pre-arranged by Maggie!  AND it felt wonderful as the ‘dogs were definitely barking’ from all that walking!

After a brief ‘rest’ it was off to dinner, more sightseeing and a movie…a chick flick of course! (Five Year Engagement)

After dinner, we took in the International Village which was where the theatre was.  VERY interesting…


I have got to show you the fish market as it was so unusual…they had every edible sea creature available…and some that were questionable!!  And everything was still ALIVE! (which was also questionable!!:)

P1180482  P1180484 P1180485  P1180487  P1180489

Read the sign…we got a chuckle out of it!!  (Yeah right!!  Who are they kidding?!)

P1180490So back to Maggie’s apartment…and just look at her view now!!  WOW!!P1180492

Yup…definitely need some binoculars!!

P1180493 Nothing like a pajama party in the big city with your daughter!  The ONLY thing that could have topped this weekend would have been a pajama party with ALL THREE daughters!!  Now that would have been PRICELESS!

Thanks Maggie for a wonderful weekend and a little taste of your world!!  

Sunday morning found me back on the Sky Train and Transit bus…a piece of cake for this big city traveler…haha!  I hope your Mother’s Day weekend was as fantastic as mine was!! 

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a fun way to spend time with your daughter. Wonderful views of the city and lots of things to do. Now those fish would make me think twice about eating them, I like mine dead first, lol.


  2. Glad to see that you had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend with Maggie and some great weather to top it off with. Pretty hard to beat Vancouver's transit system. Nice area for Maggie to be living in and some nice views. Have a Great Monday!

  3. Wonderful photos, P. I lived in Vancouver for 40 years and three of my children still live there,plus grandchildren, so I try to visit often. However, it's lovely to come home to the beauty and tranquility of the Saanich Peninsula. Glad you enjoyed your day with your daughter, you certainly made the most of it. Unlike you, I don't do transit very well so always take my car.

  4. It really is hard to beat the 620 bus between the ferry and the sky train station. The only problem we have encountered is very crowded conditions on the bus. If you really want, or need, a seat you may be out of luck.

  5. What a wonderful trip! It all looked beautiful, except the live critters!

  6. What a great way to spend Mother's Day! That's a very neat little trip. You had good luck with the connections, too. You should have taken a live "something" from that fish market home with you...I'm sure Rick would have enjoyed it!! Glad the dogs were so happy to see you home...oh, yeah, Rick too!!

  7. Yikes! Quite a switch from DHS to downtown Vancouver.
    What a lovely city.
    Your adventure with your Daughter was priceless.

    I won't even ask who Terry Fox is.


    hmmmm. ?belly up?

  8. Ahhh-Vancouver, a great place to visit but I sure don't want to live there. Our oldest son Derek lives on Nelson and Richards and is only a 5 min walk to where he works. Glad you had fun.

  9. Oh my, total score with the weather this weekend!! I spent almost the entire weekend in the dark helping out at my daughter's circus production show at the PNE Gardens, but it was lots of fun, too. Maggie's view is killer!

  10. What a terrific day in the city!! Your daughter must be as lovely and generous as you. She certainly showed you a good time.

  11. Wonderful weekend and photos...good for you and thanks for sharing!

  12. The view is beyond exquisite! Wow!

    I'm glad you had wonderful time with Maggie.

  13. That looks like a most amazing day! Yep, I'd get the best binoculars or telescope on the market, lol, and never watch tv again. Loved hearing about your visit, and so glad you made it ok!

  14. Sounds like you had a good time. Your daughter has some great views, especially the lights at night.

  15. Hi Paulette, I love seeing where other people come from and visit, as good as being there. It looked a great weekend. Susie x

  16. Looks like you had a great week-end thanks for sharing your wonderful photos so us who never been there can see what it like
    Hugs Janice

  17. What a wonderful trip! It all looked beautiful, except the live critters!