Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where WAS my brain??

…I guess my brain was out enjoying the sunshine…because I TOTALLY forgot to check Quiltmania for the AUGUST FREE BLOCK OF THE MONTH!  Yikes!! 

AND is it ever SWEET!  Watermelon SWEET!


Quiltmania must have realize that I have been asleep at the wheel because they have ALREADY posted September BOM!!  No forgetting this month!!

So when you whip over…make sure you download both months!!


This is going to be one VERY sweet quilt!!

LUCKY ME!!  I received this sweet little pillow in the mail yesterday from Winding Vine Wandering Blog!!  Thanks YOU SEW MUCH, Patti!!  I love it…and it’s done up in my colours!!  I appreciate every little ity-bity little stitch!  Gorgeous work!

P1150339  If you don’t follow Patti then you are missing out BIG TIME!!  Her posts are full of woolie goodness…lots and lots and lots of eye candy!!Hurry over…have a look-see and I guarantee that you will be hitting the FOLLOW BUTTON!

There goes the BRAIN AGAIN…almost forgot…sheeesh!!  We need a WINNER…

THE WINNER of the PICK FOUR Book Tour is Sandy of Sandy ‘n Stitches…please send me your snails mail and I will pass it on to Quilt Sue!  You are going to LOVE your autographed copy of PICK FOUR!!  Thanks SEW much, Sue!  Being on Tour was a blast!! 

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I have the fabric that little bird is made out of. I am glad to see that there aren't more sheep in the two blocks. The earlier blocks had a lot of sheep. Thanks for the heads up about the patterns. I had not downloaded either.

  2. Congratulations to Sandy!
    I haven't done any BOM's but I plan on making some of the pieces from last years christmas issues.


  3. Congratulations to Sandy! I'll bet she's itching to get that book and start 1 or 2 or 3 or more of those beautiful quilts.

  4. That's me!!!! Thanks again Paulette!

  5. That was a rhetorical question, right? It is a cute pattern and I'm sure it will be a wonderful quilt when it is all together!

  6. Congrats to Sandy on winning a great book from a great tour!

    Thanks for pointing to this BOM. I love Quiltmania but didn't know about this. Maybe this could jumpstart me in working in wool (that is, when I get some of my other projects done.....)

  7. Cute blocks - cute pillow! And congrats to Sandy!