Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Staying Focused….

…is REALLY hard to do right now.  I have a million things to do before we pull out of here to Snowbird South…like getting the house ready for the House Sitters!

Yesterday is a good example of my thought processes…My goal was to clean my sewing room so that I could use the cutting table and ironing table to their full advantage in order to ready the blocks to the Autumn Quilt….

So what did I get done…well the NEWEST addition to my little GO! Family caught my eye…and before I knew what had possessed me..I was…P1150542

..grabbing one of these…a WOOL Charm Pack that I had ordered from Primitive Gatherings…all these beautiful reds in different textures but from the same colour family…that I had been SAVING….


…and before I knew what I was doing I had ironed Steam-a-Seam Lite onto the backs of THREE charms!!

P1150546 I laid the Sacrificial Lamb onto the die…and …rolled…


Do I hear any AHHHHHHs in the audience??  Oh so pretty….


Throw a wool dot on top…too big?


Yes…too big but isn’t the texture wonderful….


Awww…just RIGHT!! 


How about putting it onto a wool background?

P1150552   …perhaps a grey oval mat…How easy…how simple…P1150553

How about green?…do I hear Christmas Music in the background?


Yup these flowers REALLY are FUN!  Guess that’s why Mr. GO! named them Fun Flowers!  I wonder how many he made before he thought ‘Now THAT was FUN!’ like I did?!

Then I remembered THIS quilt from the Buggy Barn….

…AND this quilt (also from the Buggy Barn)….and BOTH are on my To-Do Wish List…with a little tweak of the scissors I could have some very FUN daisies!


Suddenly the FOG lifts and I haven’t even STARTED to clean my sewing room …in fact now I have an even bigger mess…but I did have FUN!!  I REALLY must STAY focused!!

Have a Woolie Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Too cute! It looks like fun.
    Good luck cleaning. Blah!

  2. Hey Sweet P I hear staying focused is highly overrated. LOL

    Very cute - love that die!!!!! Dagnabbit - there you go getting me trouble again. LOL

  3. Well.....I love the daisy's. The daisy's in the border..... how cute......

    I understand the focusing problem....... I have to finish 2 quilts, but I am going to do a "lil twister" table topper for fall. I just got the ruler this weekend. It looks like so much fun.. Good luck! It always gets done......

  4. Very cute, and great fun to get 'to do someday' projects a green light. GO!

  5. Sometimes we just need to play! I just found out a dear friend has cancer so I really do believe we must make time for more fun!

  6. Very cool,I love the daisies!!.
    Have fun playing with the Go.

  7. I haven't tried wool yet, how does it cut?
    I like the idea of cutting shapes, makes it easier and flower quilts are fun for kids too, so that would be a lot of use.


  8. Love the daisies. Do you peel the Steam-a-Seam off the back and then iron them onto your background? I would love to have a GO!, but even if I never get one, I love the idea of working with wool. I'm going to make it happen by hooking a small rug this fall. I have two dozen burlap coffee-bean bags and I'm going to try using them. If that fails, I'll try one of those penny rugs I see on your blog.

  9. Yup...we sure do have similar tastes! I have that first quilt on my "to make someday" list also, but I'm sure you'll beat me to it! Then again, being retired DOES give you a bit of an advantage:-) Love the new Go! flower die!

  10. Hi Paulette :)
    Oooooo I didn't realize the GO could cut wool!!!!
    I hadn't given the GO much thought thinking it was really only for fabric, but seeing you cutting wool shapes, and PG wool at that (I have lots of those PG Sample!)
    I might have found something to GO to the top of my Christmas list :) Bet Hubby will be excited about that , lol! ;)
    Hugs Wendy x

  11. Sounds like you were focused - just creatively instead of task oriented! It must have been a good day.

  12. Good to know I am not the only side tracked one! The fun flowers in wool look great though.... so it wasn't a total loss!

  13. I wouldn't worry about being ready. You know how good we are at being ready at the last minute. Love distractions, especially when they are as lovely as these flowers. Keep the fun going!

  14. Who says your sewing room need to be tidy just now? You were not wasting your time, but working on something else than what you planned. I bet you had much more fun.

  15. But you WERE focused. Just maybe not on the thing you originally meant to be!