Friday, September 9, 2011

It ALL about the Quilts!

I forgot to show you my favourite quilts at the Cobble Hill Fair this year!  Sure there was cotton candy, animals of all sizes and shapes and pickled preserves but REALLY we all know… it is ALL ABOUT THE QUILTS!!

This year the number of quilts entered was down…WAY down!  I wonder why?  Is it the price of fabric or is it that everyone is just too busy to stitch…regardless let me show you these beauties…

You can’t beat a log cabin quilt and this was no exception…I love these colours!!

P1150246 Then there is this lovely scrappy quilt!!  Wonderful, don’t you agree!?


The colours in this quilt was much nicer in real life!  Very nice!

P1150245This one stole my heart!!  SEW sweet!  I love the hearts cascading down…


This hexagon quilt was exquisite!  ALL hand stitched…


It deserves a close-up…all hand quilted and hand embroidered!  Spectacular workmanship!

P1150239 P1150240  Well we can chalk up another year and add it to the 102 years that happened before it…hmmm I wonder how many quilts have been to the Annual Cobble Hill Country Fair?  Wouldn’t you love to see the first ones that graced the walls of the Farmers’ Hall?  Hmmm…‘Fair Food’ for thought…

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. These quilts are wonderful. You are right about the hexagon. The hand work is amazing. Love the bright colors of the log cabin.

  2. Maybe they were scared off when they heard you had 7 quilts to enter!

  3. That hexagon is amazing, beautiful work and love the embroideries in the middle.


  4. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts , it would be interesting to see the quilts that hung there in the early fair days .

  5. The quilts are all wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I also think it would be fun to see what hung there the first few years.

  6. Thanks for the quilts....nearly as good as being there! The hexagon quilt is indeed lovely.

  7. These quilts are awesome.Thanks for sharing.

  8. Those are some pretty quilts for sure. Love the hand work and design of the embroidered one.

  9. Really beautiful quilts - the hexagon was is truly stunning. I wonder why the number was down?? Yes, I would LOVE to see all the entries from over the years!