Friday, September 2, 2011

Recyling…the leftovers!

Yes, we are still talking about Stitching Lines…and BOW TIES!

Copy (2) of P1150326

I’ve joined  Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville’s~Quips and Snips) and fellow Bow Tie Lovers in a 2011 Challenge~ to make a Bow Tie Quilt by July 2012…totally do-able, don’t you think! 

SEW I need to make a ton of these guys…then I remembered…


..these guys…The LEFTOVERS from my last Stitching Lines project…AND I remembered that ‘Joyful Quilter’ left a comment about the leftovers when I first blogged about ‘Stitching Lines’ …She said she used them when she made her snowball blocks and her flying geese blocks.  Hmmm…what about bow ties??


So I put them to the test….You start like this…lining up the little square  and the big square with right sides together…

Copy (2) of P1150329

Clip the strip to fit…corner to corner…and stitch…wow so easy, so quick, so accurate…and to think people throw this part away!!

Copy (2) of P1150330

Cut the fabric off along the paper’s edge… 

Copy (2) of P1150332

It takes 2 seconds to fold and rip…melts off!

Copy (2) of P1150333


Copy (2) of P1150334

Press open and repeat…sew together and Presto!!  Instant bow tie!!  I love it when they practically makes themselves!!

Copy (2) of P1150335

So now I have TWO bow ties…a long way from making a quilt…but that’s OK because I have lots of leftover from Stitching Lines…

Copy (2) of P1150336

…and I have lots of squares ready and waiting…

Copy (2) of P1150337

Just a reminder about the 750 Followers’ Give Away!  You can’t eat the leftovers if you don’t win the Full Meal…metaphorically speaking of course!!  You can enter the Stitching Lines’ Give Away HERE

Also I just noticed that Mary, the inventor of Stitching Lines, has HER OWN BLOG!!!  It’s called Marin and Colusa Quilting Blog…check it out!!  I know I will!! 

Thanks again Mary!!


And don’t forget today is the LAST day to win this wonderful book…Mr. Random Generator will be choosing a number tomorrow bright and early.  If you haven’t entered then go HERE!

Today is the LAST day of Quilt Sue’s Book Tour!!  Hurry over to see what the Grand Finale will bring…it’s being held at Cotton Cocktails!

Now if you missed any of the blogs on the tour then check them out…it’s never too late…well maybe it is too late to enter on some but a lot of them are still open!

Thanks so much Quilt Sue (Quilt Times)!!  It was a fun Book Tour and I am totally up for BOOK TWO!!  My guess is… Book Two is already at the publisher’s!  Can’t wait!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Good idea to use the edge of the paper for the cutting line! Silly me..I always tore the paper off first and then cut.

  2. I love it when I can use every part of something like that!

  3. Lovin these papers P, two for one deal I'd say.

  4. Very cute bowties.


  5. This is so nice that you can use the left overs with a new project.....

  6. Very very clever of you to think of that , it sure would be a time saver too!

  7. That is what I call getting full use of your papers! Very smart! Have a happy weekend~

  8. very clever...makes it easy and saves time ...thanks Paulette.
    Julia ♥

  9. Love how that works and makes things easier.


  10. Im doing the bowtie thing too. I cut out a whole bunch of squares at layered all the parts of the blocks in sets until I had a stack about 7 or 8 inches high in a metal bucket. I made them as leaders and enders. I need to go through my scraps and cut more as my stack is almost gone.

  11. That is amazing - you are so creative! I really love those bow ties.