Monday, September 5, 2011

Disappointed but ….’s my own fault!!  Don’t you hate it when you miss a due date…and there is NOTHING you can do about it..but suck it up!!  Oh…not THAT kind of DATE!!  Sheeesh!

This weekend I missed the registration date to get my quilts into the Cowichan Exhibition.  I know it’s not life shattering or even that important…but I was looking forward to seeing a WOOL quilt hanging in the Cowichan Valley!  As you have heard me say (MANY TIMES) seeing wool on a quilt around here is unheard of!  It  would be nice to generate some interested in wool.  Oh well…maybe next year!!

On the quilting front~

During the day… when I’m not smashing up tiles :o) and can slip away for a few minutes..I have been stitching handles on these wee baskets…SEW dang cute!!P1150348

I have finished 19 blocks…with another 100 to go…


There is a tutorial on how to make these baskets over at Brandie’s Blog, ABC! She has made a few versions of this quilt and all are STUNNING!!

And in the evening… while we watch MAD MEN (we are now on Season 2) I have been hand quilting my Snowman Quilt!

I am BIG stitch quilting around every row in each block.  It takes time but it is so worth it!



I love this Winter quilt…I think it will stay on my couch all Winter as it has a cozy flannel backing and is the perfect size to cuddle under!


I am using the Pilot Pen (from Staples) to mark the light coloured strips (and will later iron away the ink!) and a sliver of soap (YES real soap) to mark the dark coloured stips.  If you can enlarge this picture you can see that it does a great job…see on the green at the bottom in the middle screen…YUP soap!!  Get lathering!


No Heritage Quilting for me today…we are laying tile in the outside Foyer!  Can’t wait for this job to be finished.. so that I can get back to playing!

You have a marvelous Monday (it’s a muddy Monday for me) and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Love the way both those quilts are coming out. I have the snowman pattern but haven't made it yet. Do you poke and pull through with the big stitch or do you "rock" the needle like regular hand quilting? And how do you hide the knots on the back? Or they just aren't hidden. How about a tutorial someday on big stitch PLEASE (that was begging) in your spare time! Have fun laying tile.

  2. I'm surprised wool isn't more prevalent there. I guess because it's typically seen as primitive?

    So sorry to hear you missed the entry date. You're a beautiful quilter and I'm sure it won't be the same without your quilts!

  3. Those snowmen are coming along great. What type of thread are you using? Too bad about the date.

  4. Love the hand stitching on your winter quilt, really gives it a nice look.


  5. Sorry to hear you missed the deadline but you can always do next year . The snowman quilt looks just sweet , love those fabrics and the big stitch ,I am doing a big stitch on my Row by Row quilt and love it but it has to wait for slightly cooler temperatures to get finished ;-)

  6. Oh, I remember in one of your last posts you mentioned entering your quilt in that show! :o(
    What thread do you use when you hand quilt?

  7. I love the little postage stamp baskets too! They are one of my fav little blocks - I bought the die for my Go cutter just for the baskets!

  8. Hi Paulette, bummer you missed the date. Cute snowman quilt - what is the pattern? Also, forgot to respond when you were picking berries - when I pick I wear long sleeves and on my right hand I wear a rubber glove (the thin kind). That way I don't end up with purple fingers. Happy crafting.

  9. too many deadlines in my I quit keeping my dentist is mad at me for missing my appt. I love the little baskets...and I don't ever want you to see my big stitch (lousy) So tell me...which are your favorite accuquilt dies?

  10. I am lovin' those baskets but are they really as small as they look? They look tiny! And your snowman quilt would be perfect on my couch...just sayin'. :). Blessings, Marlene.

  11. I know exactly how you feel. I decided to enter a quilt in the Evergreen State Fair for the very first time, and missed the turn-in date. I nearly cried! But, as you say, better luck next year.

  12. Oh BUMMER, girl - I hope you make it next year! Love your baskets and your snowman quilt, I've used soap before for dark fabrics and it works great, and doesn't come off as quick as chalk. Good job!