Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do It With A Friend..

Everything is better when you do it with a friend…even ordering fabric! 

Both Claire and I have been lusting over Lynette Anderson’s new line of fabric, Scandinavian Christmas…

Scandinavian Christmas Cream Santa and his Trusty Reindeer Yardage SKU# 30244-11

…we waited patiently for it to come into our local Quilt Shop…but finally succumbed to the internet and ordered on-line.  

We got twelve half yard cuts and then split them down the middle…shared the cost of shipping and it was surprisingly cheap!!  Much cheaper and way more fun!  AND we can always say… “But my Partner in Crime bought it and it was way too much for her, so we shared…”  That’s just in case ‘someone’ asks…P1150354

…HEY it works for us..


And we are sticking with it!

Now what to make…??  Maybe this??…

..which is a FREE PATTERN from Lecien and you can get it HERE!!  SEW cute, don’t you think?!

So the moral of the story is always do it with a friend…it’s way cheaper and way more fun!!  :o)

For those of you who are interested in our hellish tiling job…

We went from this~

IMG_9175[3] this…


…to this!  YEAH…the tile is down. 


Today we need to finish cleaning the tiles, then wait another 24 hours to grout in between each tile and then seal the grout and she is done!! 

This is our LAST EVER tiling job!!  Every muscle and every bone is aching…even my toes!!  BUT I do LOVE it!!  As I said to my husband…this is a lot like having a baby…hurts like hell but you forget about the pain when you see the results.  He looked at me like I was CRAZY!!  “What…?!”  Men just don’t get it!! :o}

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Gorgeous fabrics and that pattern looks so cute must check it out. The tile work is also looking great!

  2. I love Lynettes new fabric and she has some nice new ones on her site, that will be so fun to work with and a smart way to buy.


  3. I have a great friend who loves quilting as much as I do, and we have the same taste in fabrics!! We almost always buy larger yardage and split down the middle!!

  4. I too, love this fabric line! Love your new tiles. You are LOL funny Paulette when I read about your tile experience. Yes, men just don't get it sometimes!

  5. I love the fabric and also co-dependent relationships! I on the other hand am allergic to home improvements!

  6. Great fabric! Your patio looks wonderful! :0)

  7. Yeah, Men, they are clueless!
    The tiles look wonderful!

  8. Good job on the tile, and I love that fabric -- the pattern, too!

  9. Those are beautiful Christmas fabrics and what a great pattern. And what a great idea to share with a friend. It will be interesting to see what you each do with this collection.
    Your tile job is perfect, and the colour is just right for your house. Men, really. They never have any idea what is going on.

  10. Wow, your patio looks tremendous! We tiled our very small kitchen and I still remember the pain!

  11. Love both the fabric and the tiling, that was worth the pain.

  12. Love that fabric range too, although I don't have as much as you, but that can be remedied!
    Great tiling job, you need a long bath to ease those muscles.

  13. The tiling looks great. Glad for you it is almost over. Looks like quite a job. Really love the fabrics. Great idea to buy half yards and split down the middle. Have fun!!

  14. Gorgeous fabrics, good for you both! Your tile looks fabulous, but yeah, last one, she says now...

  15. no men do not get it!!..that's for sure!!

  16. What fabulous fabrics. Only thing is, if they'd come to my house, I'm not sure I'd have been able to share them!

  17. Love the Scandinavian Christmas fabric! The tile job looks great.